Barozzi Restaurant Set to Open on Naxos Island in May for 2020 Season

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( — January 30, 2020) — Naxos Island, GR — Barozzi Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is a destination for fine dining and delightful drinks. It specialises in the Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines using local ingredients.

Naxos Island, Greece — Barozzi Fine Dining Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is readying to open its doors on Naxos Island in May for the 2020 season. The Naxos restaurant is the only fine dining experience on the island. Working with Michelin star chefs, Barozzi is starting its 2020 season on a high after an ultra-successful 2019 season.

Since its establishment in July 2017, the restaurant has grown to become one of the top destinations for Naxos restaurants and fine dining. During the past year, it rose to prominence with exceptional menus prepared by top chefs. In 2019, the restaurant invited Chef Anelo Vagiotis, a leading Parisian chef, for a one-time culinary event. It also welcomed chef Asimakis Chaniotis, one of the top Michelin chefs, to share his vast expertise. The restaurant aims to continue this trend of inviting award-winning chefs from around the world to craft carefully curated menus.

Barozzi’s objective is to provide Haute cuisines inspired by Mediterranean traditions with a modern twist. The menu features recipes and ingredients from local resources, as Barozzi’s sources its ingredients from specific Naxos farms to ensure their dishes are fresh, tasty, and healthy. As a restaurant rooted in the Farm-to-Table movement, its chefs carefully select the meat, cheese, fruits, herbs, plants, and vegetables.

Barozzi also aims to serve great cocktails by Naxos’ most imaginative mixologists, along with fine wines from all over Greece, as well as international selections. The list of wines includes over 40 labels from some of Greece’s most notable vineyards. It also features a tribute to the Aegean region with a selection of bottles specifically from Aegean vines.

With visions of creating a relaxed setting alongside a balanced, modern, and stylish menu, Barozzi Restuarant & Cocktail Bar transformed the dining experience on Naxos Island. The result is an establishment that complements the relaxing atmosphere of the island. With its successful 2019 season still fresh, the team behind Barozzi’s are working diligently to ensure 2020 is even better. Visit the website to learn more about Barozzi’s tantalising Haute cuisines, inventive cocktails, and its reopening in May.