Best Movies to Watch with Kids Online

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( — January 29, 2020) — There is no doubt to say that movies leave a significant impact on our life. That is why one should be always careful about what kind of movies must be watched with kids. After all, it can leave a long-lasting impression on their growing brain. 

Parents are always advised to be careful while planning a movie break for their kids. Whether you are allowing them to watch the film alone or are accompanying them for the session; the right selection is always important. For another great selection of online movies check out 123movie.

The movies will encourage curiosity and imagination in your child’s mind, and they should go in the right direction. Instead of leaving a bad impact, movies should help in the growth of your child in some constructive way. The themes must be a message-oriented that can help your growing child to become a good human being with each passing day.

4 best movies you should watch with kids online:

Well, online streaming websites offer unlimited collections of movies for kids. If you are interested in choosing the best one, we advise you to check the list below. Here we are going to talk about some of the best movies for kids:

1.      101 Dalmatians:

This movie was released decades ago in 1961, but it is still one of the best movies to watch with kids. This classic puppy tail movie is based on a novel written by Dodie Smith, whose name was 101 Dalmatians. The iconic storyline and amazing animation sequence of this movie will make your children laugh a lot. This movie will teach your child the lesson of co-operation and teamwork. You can sit with them in the living room to help them understand the interesting meaning of the story. It is suitable for kids between the age group of 5 to 11.

2.      Wall-E:

Here is another animated movie of the year 2008 that tells an amazing story about a trash compactor robot that was left in a garden ridden earth to clean the premises. While working over there, Wall-E means with another robot named EVE and starts following her everywhere. In this journey, the robot realises that humanity can help to clean and save the planet. Other than this, the theme connects to the true bond of friendship and courage. By watching this movie, your kids will understand the importance of clean earth and will become more active to protect the environment.

3.      Zootopia:

This movie tells a story about rabbit Judy Hopps that is acting like a rookie police officer. He joins the force with a crazy fox to solve the series of mysteries. The due work upon a big conspiracy that was really dangerous and savage for the animals. With this movie, your kids will learn a lesson of justice and the importance of tolerance. This movie is recommended for the kids above the age group of 7.

4.      Trolls:

Trolls were released in the year 2016 and it includes awesome animation sequence that is powered with the latest technologies. There are loads of colourful elements along with musical backgrounds. You will love every next scene of the movie as it is loaded with unlimited fun and adventure. Prefer to watch this movie with your kids to have a close bonding together. It is suitable for the kids above 6 years. You can also watch movies online at the birthday party for your child and his friends. 

Other than this, you can go online and check movies as per the specific interests of your child. The themes can be something related to science, galaxies or the amazing cartoon characters as well.