USPA Nationwide Security Expands in Spite of Flooded Market

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( — January 30, 2020) — The US-based security company differs from other security guard companies in that they partner with hundreds of security companies across the world, rather than competing against them all.

NEW YORK CITY — USPA International Security’s Vice President, Sondae Esposito, is used to getting lots of questions when she tells people that she manages an international security firm. When she joined the company a few years ago, the USPA brands were already household names. Now they’re among the largest security companies in the world with operations on several continents.

While the market is being flooded with capable security operators returning from military service and retiring law enforcement officers, the US-based company is steadily in a state of healthy growth, even in a competitive industry. It has about 3,000 active security contractors and hundreds of Certified Contractors and Trademark Licensees (similar to a franchise) who have partnered with USPA.

USPA International, the parent company to USPA Nationwide Security, Panic Room USA and USPA Technologies has also stayed committed to giving away a large percentage of its profits to aiding women and children with kidnap recovery, human trafficking and abduction support as well as domestic violence assistance all over the globe.

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How Much Does Kidnap Recovery Cost? Depends on the situation, but for women and children, we always strive to provide the services at no cost whatsoever.

Is USPA a non-profit? No. We are taxed, even on services we provide without payment. We pay sales tax on purchases for supply and income tax on the funds we use to provide these services for free.

Does USPA provide traditional security services? Yes. We have a dedicated sister company, USPA Nationwide Firewatch Service, which provides fire watch services in all 50 states. A traditional security guard company, USPA Nationwide Security, and a ballistic shelter branch, Panic Room USA.

How do I apply for employment with USPA Nationwide Security? Visit our online recruiting system.

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