Australia Bushfires Smoke Inhalation Damage Natural Nutrition Tips Report Launch

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( — February 2, 2020) — A comprehensive report covering Natural Aids for Bushfire Smoke Inhalation. The report covers symptoms, household and nutritional tips combat smoke inhalation and its effects.

Holistic Health and lifestyle therapist, Joanna Sochan, has released a comprehensive report entitled Natural Aids for Bushfire Smoke Inhalation. It provides comprehensive help for those suffering from bushfires in Australia.

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Joanna Sochan has released Natural Aids for Bushfire Smoke to help those suffering from smoke inhalation in the bushfire zones in Australia.

In the report she lists the main symptoms of smoke inhalation from bushfires. They include difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, stinging or itchy eyes, runny nose, flared up sinuses, irritating cough, sore throat, headaches, nausea, and/or fatigue.

The report covers key recommendations that include staying indoors as much as possible, close all windows and doors, make sure the house is well-sealed, remove shoes and leave them outside, change clothes when entering and wash them, shower and wash hair after being outside.

The Natural Aids for Bushfire Smoke Inhalation report also mentions areas that are often neglected.

These include rinsing dogs off with water after a (short) walk, keeping cats or birds inside, avoiding exercising outdoors, taking it easy on exercising indoors, setting an air conditioner to the recycle mode, installing a special filter to remove much of the harmful particles, adding plants in bedrooms to reduce air pollution and to increase oxygen, investing in HEPA filters, and using appropriate face masks when going out.

The newly released report also outlines many tips one can take in the areas of nutrition and stress reduction. Different herbs and vitamins are recommended to combat the effects smoke inhalation has on the human body. She also recommends making every effort to reduce stress with various herbal teas and adequate rest.

Joanna Sochan is a Natural Therapist and founder of Naturimedica Holistic Health & Wellness. The release of this valuable report covering smoke inhalation in Australia is now available.

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