Experts Reveal Pain Variations of Osteoarthritis in the Body

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( — February 11, 2020) Orlando, FL — Millions of people in the United States alone suffer from osteoarthritis. This condition can affect different parts of the body and could be troublesome.

Experts reveal the pain variations of osteoarthritis in the body. Many suffer from osteoarthritis in the knees, but this condition can also happen in the hands, hips, and elsewhere. 

According to some experts, the best way to manage osteoarthritis pain is through making some lifestyle changes and using certain medications.

It is worth mentioning that in the United states, osteoarthritis is the major cause of work disability. Pain from this condition is often due to the loss of cartilage, which offer protection to the ends of bones on both sides of the joints. 

Pain in cases of osteoarthritis is often activity related. This means that it gets worse when the joint is moved or used.

The Northwestern Memorial Hospital orthopedic surgeon, Jason Koh, MD, in Chicago reveals that pain caused by osteoarthritis is often characterized by start-up pain. Over time, this pain becomes constant. 

Osteoarthritis knee pain often affects individuals over the age of 45. Pain often attacks when going up or down the stairs. It could also happen after walking or standing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that half of all Americans will suffer from osteoarthritis in the knees before they reach the age of 85. While it is a difficult disease to halt, there are ways to slow down its progression.

Osteoarthritis can also happen in the hip, and when this happens, experts recommend sufferers should try using an elevated toilet seat. 

One of the most recommended remedies for osteoarthritis is glucosamine, which is widely believed to be a safer alternative to pain relievers. This natural remedy is believed to have the ability to repair cartilage damage. 

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