What is Time Material Contract in Project Management

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(Newswire.net — February 4, 2020) — In the construction industry, there are a lot of variables involved. In order to facilitate those variables in the project management, different contractual arrangements are developed. These contracts are designed to meet the needs of different parties. One such contract is the Time and Material (T&M) contract. So, what is time and material contract in project management? The T&M contract is an instrument which can provide an alternative to boilerplate standard contracts.

What is Time and Material Contract in Project Management – What are the types of contract?

Read on to know more about Time and Material contract. We will discuss what the contract is and how you can benefit from this contract. 

What is the contract all about?

When managing a construction project it is crucial to have a contract in place. In Time and Material contract, both the parties agree in uniting the rate that have been determined previously by both the parties in advance. This is also a contractual arrangement which is used in case of the fixed-price arrangements. In the project management, there are two aspects in this type of contractual arrangement. These are – cost reimbursable and fixed price contracts. Often it can be a hybrid of two too. Different aspects of Time and Material contract are:

  1. Fixed price contract: The fixed price contract is the type of contract in the project management where the payment is not dependent on any resources.
  2. Fixed price with EPA: EPA means Economic Price Adjustment. There are different variants of the contract agreements when it comes to project management. This is something that the seller and project owner can agree on.
  3. Cost plus award fee contract: There are different types of organizations that use different types of contract agreements. The different contract agreements in project management can influence the decision for different reasons.

As we all know, the activities of project management will never exist without the use of appropriate resources. The contract here is referred to as an agreement which is done among two or more people with mutual binding. The complete value of the contract is not fully defined during the time when the contract is awarded. There are many advantages to Time and Material contracts. It helps in providing the client with cost transparency and it allows them in verifying the invoices as well as the timesheet. This will help in ensuring the costs are determined in the correct way.


So, now you know what is time and material contract in project management and how it is beneficial. There are many types of construction contracts, but this contract can be quite useful as it allows great flexibility in the extent of the works required and done. When you are in this industry, you have to take this Time and Material contract seriously. It is an arrangement which a contractor and another party agree on for the project. But before you go ahead and sign the contract it is important to go through the contract thoroughly and read each and every point mentioned. In case of any problems or disputes, this contract will be considered as the main base. Hence, do not sign the documents without reading the contracts.