Whole House Water Filter System Removes Viruses & Chemicals in Hot or Cold Water

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(Newswire.net — February 5, 2020) — A new high-quality whole house water filtering system has been launched. Eagle Whole House Water Filter effectively removes harmful chemicals, filters bacteria and viruses in tap water.

Filter Water is proud to announce the release of a new high-quality product, called the Eagle Whole House Water Filter. The product is designed to remove chemicals and viruses in cold or hot water. Users can limit the health risks associated with the use of contaminated water by removing insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents from their tap water.

More information is available at http://www.filterwater.com/?affid=10865

The Filter Glacier Eagle Whole House Water Filter is a ground-breaking technology that can filter both cold and hot water effectively. The manufacturer has used only specially-selected high-quality materials for the device. The technology uses an ultrafiltration technique for water treatment and makes the user’s pipes dirt free by getting the water purified right at the main source.

A spokesperson for Filter Water explained: “The Eagle Whole House Water Filter eliminates the problems and risks associated with drinking unfiltered water as well as chemicals such as chromium, fluoride, lead, and other. “

The highly developed and ground-breaking whole house water filtering system is intended to get to the foundation of the water problems and make the water clear and spotless for all home needs.

The water filtering system helps solve various water issues such as water hardness or scale deposits; tannins or staining; corrosion; discoloration; cloudiness, odors, and even bad taste.

The Eagle Whole House Water Filter has many powerful features that make it stand out from the other water filtering systems available on the market.

The fourteen filtration stages guarantee that users get clean water at all times regardless of whether they need water for showering, cooking or drinking. Moreover, the integrated alkalinity and filtration enhancement system of the filter enable users to get the best filtration results without compromising quality.

The filter also features two coconut shell granulated activated carbons that are instilled with an ionizer blend and Eagle Redox Alloy to augment the level of alkalinity and better purify the water.

The twelve GPM ultra-violet water sterilizers help fulfill the challenging microorganism control worry, while the leak detector valve helps discover water leaks in the water filter system and eventually shuts the water down to avoid flooding.

A satisfied user shared: “The water filter is an amazing innovation. It effectively protects the entire family by purifying the water in our household.”

Positioned at the main water unit, the Filter Glacier Eagle Whole House Water filter will not filter the sink alone, but the whole house.

The Filter Water website explains that the business was created with the goal to provide clean drinking water along with the best overall customer experience and promote a healthy lifestyle and clean water supply. Interested parties can learn more about their water filtering systems by calling 800-439-0263 or at http://www.filterwater.com/?affid=10865 .