What are the best small business tools for 2020?

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(Newswire.net — February 5, 2020) — 

With more options than ever before, there are tons of new tools to help you grow your business. Nowadays, users can find your business almost anywhere, making it hard to keep tabs on their needs, wants, and how to fulfill them for optimal success.

Here I will lay out some of the best small business tools in 2020 based on what you can use them for. 

Best business communication tool: Nextiva. Looking to communicate more effectively with your customers, prospects, and team members? Nextiva’s connected communications platform makes it dead simple (and affordable!) to call, chat, and survey from one integrated system. See why Nextiva was just rated the Best Overall Business Phone Service by U.S. News and World Report and take your business communications to a higher level in 2020 and beyond.

Best sales engagement tool: Reply.io. When it comes to sales engagement and enablement, one thing is most important: staying on top of your leads and nurturing them with great service. Keeping tabs of their relationship history with you, Reply helps you automate everything from email outreach to tasks and scheduling calls. In short, Reply helps you put your engagement on autopilot, letting sales teams focus on what matters most: closing. 

Best email marketing tool: Right Inbox. Email marketing is still one of the most impactful channels for sales and marketing engagement. With Right Inbox, you directly integrate into Gsuite, enabling quick campaigns, scheduling, and much more. 

Best digital marketing services: Loganix. If you are looking to grow your small business, it takes more than manual outreach. Sometimes, you can’t afford to hire an entire team of marketers just yet. That’s where Loganix comes into play. With services from SEO to PPC and clients from Backlinko to Forbes, they’ve got a reputation for success. 

When it comes to growing your business in the new year, you’ll need better tools to cover your bases. Customers find you anywhere now, making steps like relationship management and sales enablement more complex. Using email marketing can help both your sales and marketing department to accelerate leads and close deals. Lastly, with the help of other marketing pros, you can be sure that your business hits the right channels to succeed.