4 Ways to Grow Your Business With Intranet

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(Newswire.net — February 7, 2020) — There are a number of ways to grow your business in 2020. One way that can be leveraged from within your business is intranet. The intranet is an internal network that only your business’ employees can use, helping them streamline a number of business processes.

For instance, you can utilize the intranet for greater project management, organize tasks, share important company events, boost communication, and much more. Business intranet is normally managed by your IT team, but used by all teams and departments. Best of all, it can help your company overcome most digital workplace obstacles.

Before, businesses dismissed the intranet. But in today’s fast paced business environment, the intranet is no longer a consideration, but a must-have. There is also very compelling research pointing to the benefits of having intranet software in place. If you want to learn more about intranet software, you can click here

When it comes to understanding how it can be used to grow your business, keep reading. We compiled a few key aspects that certainly make the case for the intranet in your business.

1. Intranet Increases Communication Company Wide

Getting all your company’s information in one place can prove pretty challenging. This is especially true if you have a large workforce, or remote teams. The internet can increase internal communication, regardless of where your employees are. In fact, it can compel employees to communicate more.

How and why? The intranet makes communication easy by consolidating all information, projects, data, conversations into one simplified, easy to use space. The increased communication also clears up any confusion between teams as well. 

For example, if a remote team is working with a team at HQ, they can communicate more effectively with intranet, thus making project progress streamlined. It essentially eliminates any communication barriers that may have existed in the past. And faster project completion means happier clients, leading to business growth.

2. Increased Communication Leads To Greater Collaboration

When communication becomes more prevalent within your business, collaboration follows. This is even more important in today’s digital age with remote or virtual teams existing in almost every company. And when remote workforces are in place, project collaboration becomes an issue.

Unless you have intranet in place. With intranet, your teams, regardless of location, can collaborate on higher levels than ever before. For example, if your content team in the US needs to work very closely with your developers in Europe, you need software to facilitate that. And you need that collaboration to be uninhibited. Intranet does this.

3. Your Employees Become More Engaged

This is one of the most important ways intranet can facilitate business growth. If you have been in business for awhile, you know just how difficult it is to get and keep employees engaged. And you also know how much smoother and effective your business runs when engagement is at an all time high. Intranet is great for boosting that engagement.

“Employment engagement matters to achieving company success and developing employee skills and talents toward future goals,” William Craig explained in a Forbes article. “Happy employees equal a happy and prominent company.” 

If you want to grow your business in 2020, having more engaged employees can make a powerful impact. For example, you can deliver more transparency via company wide chat. This brings all employees up to speed, gives them a sense of ownership, and encourages them to produce at higher levels.

4. Intranet Builds Better HR Programs

Human resources is a very important department in any company, in any industry. It is in many ways the backbone of the business. This makes building better HR programs essential to the growth of your business. And intranet can be utilized in every stage of the employee lifecycle.

It can be part of onboarding, training, important company events, recognition, promotions, and more. In fact, every piece of employee-centric news can be delivered and accessed via your business’ intranet.

Where to begin? The first place to implement intranet into HR processes is onboarding. This could have the business’ mission and values, giving new hires a strong sense of the company culture. That is the core. From there, HR can build it out as it pertains to your company.

Bringing It All Together

The above four ways the intranet can help you grow your business are just the tip of the iceberg. These aspects are among the most important, but truthfully, the intranet can do so much more for a business. And if you don’t have intranet in place, you may be falling behind your competitors. What is one way intranet can grow your business in 2020?