Travel Incentives For Lead Conversion Business Promotion Services Launched

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( — February 11, 2020) — Marketing Boost released an updated service for businesses looking to get more clients by offering in-demand incentives such as free vacations.

Marketing Boost, a company specializing in high-quality marketing resources, announced the launch of an updated range of services for small and medium-sized businesses interested in attracting more potential clients. The company enables business owners to provide prospective customers a variety of travel or restaurant incentives, thus using a proven system to significantly improve their lead conversion rates.

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The new announcement aims to provide business owners with an effective way to get more sales by offering prospective customers some of the most sought-after incentives. According to Marketing Boost, travel and restaurant giveaways have been shown to help companies get up to 60% more sales, making them highly effective lead conversion tools.

Marketing Boost fulfills the vacations and restaurant deals itself, thus leaving it to the business owner to reap the financial incentives without having to spend any money.

The system works by allowing business owners to give new customers free vacations or restaurant discounts when they decide to buy their products or services. New customers can then activate their certificates to get their rewards.

The company explains that its services offer small and medium business access to promotion strategies previously unavailable to this sector.

“Marketing Boost is a brand new offering that was previously only available to large corporations and is now available to small and medium businesses”, said a company representative. “This is a very unique period of time because free vacation, restaurant and hotel incentives and give aways are not main stream yet, but that will change very soon. Give your business a significant advantage over your competition by using ‘Marketing Boost’ as your secret weapon starting today.”

Marketing Boost has helped more than 5,000 business owners increase their sales by offering vacation or restaurant incentives. The company provided over 500,000 vacation certificates for a total of over $375,000,000.

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