Ashburn VA Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Treatment For Soft Tissue Injury Launch

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( — February 24, 2020) — Ashburn, VA — Dr. Habib in Ashburn VA has launched platelet-rich plasma therapy. The therapy is being used to treat injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.

Dr. Habib in Ashburn VA has launched platelet-rich plasma therapy. Dr. Habib uses the best tools in the healing arts to provide precise diagnosis, mostly drug-free treatment that produces far more success than traditional medicine.

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been researched for several years and shows great promise for treating injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. Platelet-rich plasma treatment uses injections of concentrated platelets from a patient’s blood to accelerate the healing of injured tissues.

Dr. Habib recommends that individuals suffering from soft tissue damage, tennis elbow, and osteoarthritis investigate platelet-rich plasma. There are many different types of platelet-rich plasma treatments including platelet-rich plasma for hair and facial platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Dr. Habib’s platelet-rich plasma therapy follows above standard protocols. His technician removes several vials of the patient’s blood, runs it through a centrifuge, and concentrates the blood platelets.

The clinic then mixes the platelets with blood plasma and injects it directly into diseased tissue. The result is the release of growth factors that stimulate and increase repair cells.

Dr. Habib currently performs the platelet-rich plasma therapy in his two clinics. The clinics are located at Ashburn, VA. and Bethesda, MD.

Next Health results include 32 Cases of fatty liver disease cured, and 44 Chronic mono cases cured through vitamin therapy. His clinic is the first clinic in the Northeast to offer the Telomere blood test. A spokesperson for the company stated, “Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Dr. Habib’s integrated and holistic approach of state-of-the-art medicine and complementary treatment methods.”

The whole process of platelet-rich plasma from the time blood, is drawn until the doctor administers the injection, typically takes about an hour. Dr. Habib often uses ultrasound imaging during the procedure. This technology allows the doctor to “see” inside the body and guide the injection to the precise site of the injured or damaged tissue.

During the launch of platelet-rich plasma treatments, Dr. Habib is offering consultations at both of his clinics.

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