Multiple Studies Now Suggest Biotin Is an Evidence-Based, Immunity-Enhancing B Vitamin

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( — February 20, 2020) Wilmington, DE — Today, more and more researchers are looking into the most effective ways to protect and enhance immunity. 

According to some studies, boosting immune system health may actually require making some dietary and lifestyle changes. It is imperative to nourish the body with the nutrients it needs to strengthen and protect immune system health.

Scientists reveal that certain foods have been found to work wonders in boosting immune system health. These foods are broccoli, grapefruit, almonds, tea, spinach, and garlic. 

It is worth realizing that these are the same foods many health experts strongly recommend for a range of medicinal purposes. It is similarly important to avoid foods that could potentially trigger inflammation.

Health authorities have long warned against high inflammation levels in the body as they are linked with the onset of certain diseases and disorders. Some of the pro-inflammatory foods and beverages to avoid are sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and alcohol. 

It is worth realizing that by boosting immune system health, the body’s defenses against various health threats are also strengthened. A healthy immune system has even been found to be extremely beneficial in halting the onset of certain diseases and disorders.

In taking better care of immune system health, some nutrients have been found to help. Biotin is one and this B vitamin has long been reputed to be highly therapeutic.

In some studies, biotin has been found needed for the development of white blood cells. It is important to be warned that its deficiency is associated with immune function impairment as well as the heightened risk of infection.

According to scientists, this natural healing ingredient works in increasing the production of Th1 cytokines, such as IL-1β and IFN-γ. It is worth realizing that these are essential in encouraging immune response to combat bacterial and viral infections.

It is also worth realizing that inadequate biotin levels have been associated with reduced antibody synthesis and T cell decay. Such an inadequacy has also been linked with lower amounts of spleen cells and T cells in both animals and humans.

Individuals who want to strengthen their immune system health may take into account increasing their intake of biotin. This B vitamin could also deliver a range of healing benefits and may even potentially ward off a range of diseases and disorders.

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