New AI-Powered Personality Marketing App Boosts Sales and Conversions Rapidly

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( — February 17, 2020) — A new AI powered app significantly boosts the performance of sales and marketing teams. It helps businesses understand prospects quicker, engage more effectively, and improve conversions.

A new AI-powered app has been announced by PeopleLite, helping to increase sales and conversions. Entrepreneurs in any field will be able to take their sales to the next level with a smart AI app.

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Many entrepreneurs and business owners are struggling to connect with their customers. One of the issues is that consumers are more suspicious of cold calls, emails and marketing outreach than ever. The world is more connected with marketing messages than ever. Despite this, prospects are more sceptical than they have been in the past.

Compounding this is the fact that competition is getting fiercer. Around 472 million entrepreneurs worldwide are opening 100 million new businesses every year. But now there’s a new way to engage with consumers thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. It is designed to take the strain and stress out of the process.

Using Crystal, the cutting edge AI app, entrepreneurs can get insight into their prospects before they engage. They’re able to screen prospects personality before they meet or talk.

In addition to this, business owners are able to know their prospects motivations, behaviours, and preferred communication style before they reach out.

This means that businesses can know in advance the best things to write in order to convert the sale in an email, call or meeting. This helps to dramatically increase sales.

A spokesperson for the product says: “Historically, the only way you would be able to fully understand someone’s personality so you can sell them more is by either getting to know them really well, which takes lots of time and emotional intelligence, or having them take a personality test.”

“Both of these approaches require that you have an established relationship with the person, which doesn’t tend to work in the world of sales, since we are often trying to connect with new people who we have never spoken with before.”

The AI tool predicts personality using a framework called DISC. This provides entrepreneurs with an accurate understanding of personality differences. In this way, users can make a better first impression, improve their pitch, negotiate better prices, and sell with more certainty.

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