Fulham Osteopathic Treatment Chiropractic Care For Auto Accident Injury Launched

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(Newswire.net — February 17, 2020) — Fulham, UK — Fulham patients suffering from neck and back pain due to an auto accident injury can now benefit from the new physio osteopathic treatment services at the Marco Pasolini Health Clinic in London. Dr. Pasolini is trained to diagnose and treat various types of injuries.

Marco Pasolini Health Clinic, based in Fulham, London, announced the launch of new osteopathic care services for victims of a sports injury or a car accident injury as well as to patients suffering from other musculoskeletal conditions. Marco Pasolini Health Clinic is a walk-in clinic that offers same-day appointments to patients from Fulham, Kensington, Covent Garden, Chelsea, Hammersmith and the neighboring residential areas in London.

For more information about the physio therapy services in Fulham and the price for the osteopath treamtment procedures, visit https://mphealthclinic.com/pricing or contact the physicians at (02) 034419013 .

Dr. Pasolini is a renowned physio expert who has years of experience building chiropractic treatment plans for auto injury victims, athletes, pregnant women, younger and older people who are interested in regaining their health and mobility.

The professional auto accident chiropractor, says, “Our team strives to make the entire physiotherapy process as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We treat a variety of injuries caused by sports and auto accidents. Together with our patients, we develop custom treatment plans to meet their specific needs.”

The physicians at Marco Pasolini Health Clinic take pride in providing affordable customized, corrective health care plans and chiropractic adjustments and excellent patient experience.

The osteopathic care services at Marco Pasolini Health Clinic are designed to enable patients to relieve pain and better their lives after a car accident injury or sports injury has occurred.

A recent customer shared online: “Dr. Marco Pasolini is simply amazing. He is the best osteopath in Fulham. He is an absolute expert in his field: a doctor of osteopathic medicine, a fully-licensed, medical physician and on top of that he is very friendly and handsome. He knows how to explain the planned procedures and their impact on the health of the patient in a clear and understandable language. He created an entire custom treatment program for my health that was treating not only the symptoms and the pain but was focused on my lifestyle and overall well being. I am extremely grateful for his osteopathy treatment.”

Marco Pasolini and his team offer many unique and effective ostheopathy treatments in Fulham that help patients avoid any painful long-term conditions.

The chiropractic treatments at the Fulham clinic are non-surgical and are a great alternative to expensive conventional medical treatments. Using gentle chiropractic techniques, Marco Pasolini can help the patient’s body heal after a motor vehicle or an auto accident injury has occurred.

Interested parties can find the physio experts at 39 Harwood Road, SW6 4QP London, United Kingdom.

Appointments can be scheduled at https://mphealthclinic.com/contact or by calling (02) 034419013.