Massachusetts Air Source Heat Pumps HVAC Wholesale Mini Split Units Launched

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( — February 18, 2020) — A new range of mini split system air source heat pumps has been launched by HVAC Direct. They provide customers with great wholesale prices helping them to lower their energy bills.

HVAC Direct has launched a new range of mini split systems with single-zone, tri-zone, and quad-zone functionality. They offer the best in air-source heat pumps and explain they offer a range of benefits over gas-fired furnaces with air conditioning.

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HVAC Direct is known for offering some of the most affordable HVAC units on the market. They have decades of experience, having started in 1938, and now offer direct to customer sales through the online store.

Many customers think that HVAC installations have to cost a lot of money, with quotes frequently ranging from $6,000 to $20,000. But with HVAC Direct, customers can find great deals at prices they can afford.

Customers can buy a range of ductless mini splits from HVAC Direct. Benefits include free shipping and wholesale pricing to ensure they get the best deal.

Ductless mini split systems are a great solution for warming or cooling a single room. However, single zones, dual zone, tri zone and quad zone mini splits can also be used for ideal temperature control regardless of the number of rooms in question.

They offer high quality Mitsubishi models that provide combined heating and cooling. The ductless systems are energy efficient, which makes them great for residential properties, outbuildings and workshops alike.

With today’s technology, heat pumps can heat a well-insulated home in New England at outside temperatures as low as -13 degrees without supplemental electric heat. What’s more, rebates and incentives can be proivided to reduce upfront costs.

Air source heat pumps work by transferring heat absorbed from the outside into an indoor space. In this way they are similar to a refrigerator in that they absorb heat and transfer it to another medium.

They have a low carbon footprint, allow customers to save more on their energy bills, and have a long lifespan when looked after correctly.

Customers looking to find it more about the best heat pumps in the Massachusetts area can get in touch with HVAC Direct on the URL above.