Reprogram Conscious Mind Life Design Positive Mindset Course Launched

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( — February 17, 2020) — A life transforming program has been launched called “Magic In Your Mind”, helping anyone to design a future they love. It provides thought mastery techniques to help participants overcome obstacles, setbacks and failures.

An effective six week training program has been launched to help anyone design their dream life, achieve their goals, and transform their hopes and wishes for the future. The “Magic In Your Mind” program helps anyone to achieve their goals and be their best self by mastering their mind and harnessing the power of positive thoughts.

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The course is taught by some of the best teachers in the world, and is based on the idea that there are useful and non-useful thoughts. Non-useful thoughts are random and chaotic, and come in response to the outside world. They are also likely to induce boredom, complacency and fear.

Meanwhile, those who experience useful thoughts will find they’re orderly and are not subject to the chaos that goes on around them.

What’s more, they can attract other thoughts and ideas that vibrate in harmony with their heart’s desires. In this way, they can be harnessed by people to actively and deliberately create the life they want.

This powerful program aims to bridge the gap between where participants are now and where they want to be in the future. Anyone can learn to design their own future from the inside out.

Magic In Your Mind” allows people to achieve their relationship, health, happiness and financial goals and dreams. Regardless of what they want to achieve or change in their life, the course has them covered.

A recent review said: “It’s in your mind that your inner power resides. You need to connect with the Magic In Your Mind as that’s where you’ll discover all the answers to transform your life! And you’ll also find out how to adjust your mindset and change the way you think so that you’ll achieve what you desire.”

The program is open to participants of all ages, because it’s never to late to make changes and give life more purpose. It gives insights, tactics and tips for rising above challenges, overcoming setbacks, failures and disappointments.

Full details of the program can be found HERE .