Buckinghamshire Business Psychology Consultancy Assessment Test Podcast Launched

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Sten10 founder Ben Williams has been featured in a Early Career podcast on the Jack & Ollie Show. He discussed the best assessment process for businesses and how they Sten10 can deliver fantastic results.

Ben Williams, of Sten10, announced the release of his interview on the Jack & Ollie Show Early Career Podcast. He discussed assessment and selection, along with what works best when it comes to psychological tests.

More information can be found at: https://sten10.com/situational-judgement-test-design

Throughout the podcast, Ben gives a thorough overview of the workplace testers organisations use to assess candidates. He sets out why businesses might want to use particular tests, and in which combination.

The podcast begins by discussing the difference between psychological tests and psychometric tests. Ben explains that psychometric tests can be predictive of future performance.

Typically these tests will feature a vignette from working life, showing common workplace interactions.

It’s a way to test behaviour and reactions to real-world workplace situations. These tests are a great way of examining verbal reasoning and other fundamental skills.

He covers the best tests for businesses and their potential staff members, along with the pros and cons of each.

Ben is the Chair of the Association of Business Psychology, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the founder of Sten10.

Sten10 is an assessment design consultancy that designs bespoke people assessment for clients. While many companies offer off-the-shelf solutions, Sten10 provide tailored services to help each client most effectively.

Any business in need of people assessments can get in touch with Sten10 for a variety of high quality solutions. They are experts in design, delivery and training.

The team helps clients to build their own custom assessment, or pull together the best tools on the market. They can support clients in rolling out the assessments for recruitment or development purposes, and also train them to be self-sufficient in all aspects of people assessment.

Sten10 take a 6-step approach to all of their projects to ensure they provide clients with the best service. This process begins with understanding their needs and goals.

From there they can design the best solutions, test them, finalise them and deliver them in the most beneficial way. Once the project has been live for a while, it can be reviewed for continual improvement.

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