UTIs Now Found To Produce Staggering Health Care Costs In The U.S.

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(Newswire.net — February 26, 2020) Orlando, FL — Health authorities warn that in the United States, the societal costs of urinary tract infections (UTIs) are approximately $3.5 billion every year. 

Further, it is worth realizing that these costs include health care costs as well as time missed from work. 

Worldwide, this type of infection has been found to affect around 150 million individuals annually. There are many undesirable consequences of having this infection, such as the complications and the side effects linked with antibiotics. 

It is important to understand that doctors typically prescribe antibiotics for its treatment. However, it is also worth realizing that the onset of this infection can be prevented through taking some measures. 

Females are usually more prone to UTIs and this is due to the fact that they have a shorter urethra. This allows the UTI-causing bacteria to easily travel and reach the urinary tract. 

It is vital to be made aware of the ways to effectively ward off this infection. It is important to realize that such an infection has been found to compromise the urinary tract, thereby increasing the risk of urinary obstruction.

While it is true that antibiotics are effective in killing the E.coli bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, it is also important to be wary about the threats carried along with its use. 

It is important to realize that today, bacterial resistance is widespread due to the overuse and frequent use of antibiotics. When the body builds resistance to antibiotic drugs, such a medication becomes less effective or is rendered useless. 

Health authorities also warn that the longer the course of antibiotic treatment is, the more damage that can happen to the body’s immune system. 

To avoid the damages linked with antibiotics, it is wise to consider the use of natural healing ingredients like D-mannose. It is worth realizing that this natural remedy could work wonders in fighting the infection.

It has been studied by researchers and discovered to work wonders in binding with the E.coli bacteria, which studies have found to be responsible for 90 percent of all UTI cases. D-mannose can eliminate the bacteria from the body and prevent them from causing an infection.

Purest Vantage D-mannose is an excellent formula to use as it is specifically crafted to deliver the UTI-fighting benefits of this naturally-occurring sugar. It is worth noting that D-mannose is known widely to be highly potent and pure. 

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