Easy Sports to Try for Beginners

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(Newswire.net — February 20, 2020) — Was your new years resolution this year to get fitter, but you haven’t started yet? There are loads of easy sports you can try out if you want to boost your fitness levels and get healthier. Below is a list of easy and accessible sports for those who may not have played anything for a while.

1)    Running

Running is perhaps the easiest sport to get into. This is because it relies on no prior skill or training. Everyone knows how to run, which is why it’s an easy sport to pick up. The best way to get into running is by starting at a slow pace and not running for too long. Consider running for one minute and then walking for the minute. As you begin to get fitter you can start to increase how far you run.

2)    Swimming

Swimming is another easy sport that many of us learn from a young age. If you haven’t learnt how to swim, it may be worth learning regardless, as this is a skill that could possibly save your life. Swimming, too, is a great way to stay fit and healthy, as it builds up every muscle in your body. If you are still struggling to get fit and muscly for swimming, you could buy steroids to help you put on muscle and get fitter.

3)      Golf

Although golf is indeed a precision sport, it is one of the least strenuous sports you can start as a beginner. It has been listed as number 5 in the top 10 easiest sports to play. It is also considered to be a leisure sport, so if you want to start getting into a sport but don’t want to overwork yourself, golf is the sport for you.

4)    Bowling

Often considered a recreational activity, bowling is actually a competitive sport. This particular game is possibly the most fun and easy sport to take up. Not only is it easy to take up, it is hugely accessible nowadays, with many shopping centres and malls having bowling lanes and custom bowling jersey in them.


It can be daunting, trying a new sport, especially if you aren’t the fittest person in the world. However, these sports listed above are easy and fun to have a go at.