B Vitamins May Work Wonders In Significantly Increasing Energy Levels

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(Newswire.net — February 28, 2020) Orlando, FL — It is undeniable that many people of any age and gender rely on the use of energy drinks to function at their best. However unfortunately, it is important to realize that consumption of these beverages is linked with side effects.

According to researchers, intake of energy drinks is linked with a variety of serious health effects. These include increased blood pressure, liver damage, and tooth erosion.

The National center for Complementary and Integrative health warns that nearly one-third of teens between 12 and 17 years drink them regularly.

The American Heart Association’s summit in Chicago suggests that consumption of just one drink can result in negative effects on blood vessel function.

While the use of energy drinks is undeniably widespread, it is important to realize that one of the best ways to increase energy levels is to simply nourish the body with various nutrients. 

These particularly include the use of B vitamins, such as niacin or vitamin B3. Experts suggest that niacin works wonders in breaking down food into energy. This nutrient can be obtained from foods like legumes, nuts, enriched breads, dairy, fish, and lean meats.

B vitamins are actually being widely studied due to their remarkable healing potentials. There are even B vitamin types found to work wonders in warding off a range of diseases.

According to experts, B vitamins like riboflavin takes care of the release of energy in every single cell of the body. 

It is worth being warned that according to the National Institutes of Health, a certain condition called ariboflavinosis can develop due to inadequate riboflavin. When this condition develops, it leads to a swollen tongue and cracks on the corners of the mouth. 

Multiple research studies have long been recommending that intake of these nutrients is significantly helpful for various aspects of health. Biotin is another nutrient found to aid in enhancing energy levels.

Otherwise called vitamin H, it is vital for lipid and protein metabolism and it even aids in gluconeogenesis. It is worth mentioning that gluconeogenesis is a metabolic activity that results in the formation of glucose.

Glucose, on the other hand, is what the body, especially the brain, uses for energy. 

The Oregon State University reveals that a deficiency in this nutrient could lead to skin rash, hair loss, and depression. 

In addition to their energy-enhancing benefits, B vitamins have long been reputed to work wonders in delivering a myriad of healing effects. This is why today there are supplements like Divine Bounty Vitamin B Complex that could be helpful in delivering their therapeutic goodness.

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