Bespoke Private Jet Hire Mobile App Personal Booking Service Updated

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( — February 22, 2020) — A newly updated private jet rental service has been launched by Villiers. Customers can book flights directly through the app on their cell phone.

Villiers has launched a newly updated private jet chartering service backed by cutting edge technology. Anyone looking to charter a flight for business or pleasure can do so from their own smartphone thanks to the high quality service.

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The powerful Villiers flight aggregation service offers real time quotes, the largest global network of private aircraft, and direct operator pricing. Customers can enjoy luxury, affordable and extensible private jet hire worldwide with Villiers. They have the largest global fleet of private aircraft available, and make the entire booking process easier than ever.

The Villiers network aggregates over 10,000 aircraft across 40,000 locations around the world. This provides customers with the best way to book private flights on an international level. They help to take the hard work out of planning private jet flights, whether it’s a trip to Switzerland or a business flight to Hong Kong.

One of the main benefits of the service is that there are no membership fees required. The team prides itself on high quality service and are dedicated to their customers.

Customers can charter their private jet via text with direct access to their own dedicated agent. That means there is always someone on hand to help throughout the booking process.

Anyone looking to find their ideal flight just has to enter where they’re traveling from and to, and the search tool will do the rest. Alternatively they can book directly through their personal agent, taking any stress of hassle out of the process.

Many people think private jet flight is only for the rich, but with Villiers it can be affordable. What’s more, customers can get faster trips with less waiting and no busy hustle in the airport. Private jet flights also have added security, more comfort, and an added level of luxury throughout the flight.

Full details of the new service can be found on the URL above.