Milena Djankovich on How to be Responsible Working Parents

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( — February 21, 2020) — With today’s cost of living in the US, it’s not farfetched to have both parents working full-time to support a family, even when their child is still a baby.  This could mean that the parents would need to hire a full-time nanny or ask relatives to help in keeping an eye on their child. According to Milena Djankovich, many believe that this is the responsible way of being a parent today.  But what does it take to be responsible working parents?

In order to be responsible working parents, parents should have a good work-life balance.  Both work and parenting an infant can be stressful and combining the two needs finesse and a lot of planning.  The goal, or at least the most optimistic outcome possible, is that both parents are able to leave all work-related activities in the office and fully focus on raising their child once they get home.  According to Milena Djankovich, in order to do so, parents may need to give up a few things.

While it may seem like parents should divide their time equally between work and parenthood, that notion is not set in stone.  According to Milena Djankovich, time spent between career and children need not be split evenly.  If anything, responsible parenthood demands that one or the other would get more free time every now and then.  Responsible parents are able to assess the situation and make sure that their compromises don’t lead to bigger problems.

Responsible parents also look out for themselves, physically and mentally.  There seems to be this notion that a good parent is willing to sacrifice his/her personal time for his/her child.  This becomes a problem when parents start neglecting their duties to their own persons. Parents need to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and be able to express themselves freely in a safe environment.  According to Milena Djankovich, parents who think they don’t need a “me time” are likely the ones who need it the most.

Lastly, responsible parents don’t feel guilty spending their time at work.  They know why they are working full-time jobs. It’s for their child’s healthcare, future education, saving up for a better home, and so on.  These parents focus on the future, coming up with a plan to solve problems ahead of time. But through all of this, responsible parents have one thing in common: their family always comes first.

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