Stock Picking Investing Small Investor Winning Strategy Membership Launched

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( — February 22, 2020) — A stock-picking membership has been launched for the beginning investor. Members have access to numerous tools so that they can win in the choosing of stocks from various markets.

A leading stock market investor has launched The Stock Value Screener. It is a membership-based stock market analysis membership that is designed to help small investors make wise decisions in picking winning stocks.

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David Hall has launched this membership because he found that only about 5% of the investors made money in the stock market. David Hall has been an active investor for most of his life. The Stock Value Screener membership is based on three main principles: Finding the real value, timing the buy and the sell, and insider tracking.

This membership allows one to spot in real-time insider trading activities so that they can follow them and make successful trades. The Stock Value Screener allows members unlimited searches. Once the research is completed the software provides the ability to build a watchlist so that a member can continually monitor their stocks.

Further benefits of the membership include the ability to see statistics. Each search provides all the statistics on a stock. Everything from EPS to how many shares are traded on an average day.

A proprietary formula is shared with members where a combination of fundamentals and technical aspects determine the true value of a stock. Profit is made in the margin between market value and true value.

This membership also allows one to see who controls companies and what they are doing with their shares. A member can see all the buying and selling that’s going on.

Numerous charts are provided so that an investor knows when to buy or sell. Trading Triggers may be set up so that a member is instantly notified of what action to take. This membership is designed primarily for new investors and has an entire series of simple tutorials. They walk a member step-by-step through everything.

David Hall, the creator of this membership states, “I’m not building this for wealthy people. I’m doing it so everyone can afford it and every person should have a fair shot at building their financial future.”

The launch of this system has already begun to help many small investors change their financial lives.

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