Reagan Lancaster’s Plano Texas IT Software Consulting Expert Services Launched

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( — invalid date) — Plano, TX — A new service update has been launched by Plano, Texas software consultants, SourceTap. They are led by Reagan Lancaster, a prominent and renowned CEO in the field.

SourceTap has launched a new IT consulting and software guidance service to help businesses to scale, grow, and achieve success, headquartered in Plano, Texas. Led by Reagan Lancaster, SourceTap helps software companies to execute at a higher level and do more with less.

If you want to streamline your business process, scale your company, and do more with less then SourceTap can help. They’re a specialist Texas based consulting company led by Reagan Lancaster.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that the team assists companies of all sizes. They can help clients monetize and execute their revenue in multiple proven models. SourceTap has been super successful at hiring the key rainmakers in IT sales for many years as well as Revenue Leaders to drive the so called bus.

Reagan Lancaster is known as a software executive. He has a proven career in the software business from building industry leaders like Oracle, and is known for some of the most successful tech startups in history.

As President and Chief Revenue Officer, Lancaster built i2 Technologies from two million in sales to 1.8 billion in sales across a six year period with 25 consecutive winning quarters as a public Revenue Officer.

At its height, i2 amassed a 43 billion dollar valuation and grew to one billion faster than Oracle or Microsoft.

In addition to this, Lancaster is known for building one of the most innovative startups, called Titan Ventures. He was recognized as a leading CEO in the DFW area and has a reputation for excellence in the field. Lancaster was also a pedigree Oracle employee and well known for being the number Sales Rep at Oracle and number one RVP in history in the 90’s.

Today he is the CEO of SourceTap, an open source software company. They are a high end Software Consulting company with a focus on software, creativity, and experience.

Full details of their new service update can be found on the URL above.