Reagan Lancaster of SourceTap has launched a software consulting firm in Dallas

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( — invalid date) –A new site has been launched by SourceTap, the software business consulting company. Led by Reagan Lancaster, the team helps clients to achieve their goals and build sales.

SourceTap has launched a new site showing the services it can offer to clients in the software business. Run by Reagan Lancaster, a leading software executive, the team assists technology companies of all sizes monetize and execute their revenue in multiple proven models through third parties.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that SourceTap has assisted small companies to help them achieve their goals and building sales organizations. SourceTap can help with setting up consulting organizations and support models that can achieve growing revenues.

Reagan and the team can help with consulting, pricing, and development pricing to help software models run smoothly. They understand SaaS, cloud, enterprise, direct and indirect models. In addition to this, they know the demands of running these systems across a global organization.

Clients can get help acquiring other businesses, extending their product lines, working with companies for an exit, or those who want to be acquired.

One of the key benefits of working with Reagan is his experience in the field. He has acted as a chief revenue officer, President, and officer for three of the most successful startups in the software world.

He has achieved 25 quarters of 100% growth, 7 stock splits, and 43 billion dollar market capitalization. In addition to this, he has worked with over 100 startups from idea to going public.

His site states: “Working with software companies is his passion. Trying to help position companies and navigating successful exit strategies is his top priority. Helping hire and inspire while proving a strong work ethic and preparation is the key.”

Services offered include sales audits, product audits, value assessments, messaging, methodology and more.

SourceTap is a high end management and consulting company that knows how to help clients in the software world. They have the creativity, skills and experience to help clients to achieve success.

Full details of their services can be found on the URL above.