Authority PR services for Chiropractors Launched by Boutique F9 Marketing Agency

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( — February 27, 2020) — F9 Marketing agency for Chiropractors launched authority press release services designed to help the chiropractic and wellness industry boost their authority, publicity and local google rankings.

F9 Marketing has launched a new authority marketing service in the form of press release services specifically designed to help chiropractic clinics get instant publicity, positively impact their visibility on Google and Google Maps, increase their patient base and boost local rankings. The boutique agency specializes in business growth strategies for the chiropractic industry.

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The firm offers digital marketing and sales training services including research and discovery, lead generation, conversion optimisation, and value maximisation. Research and discovery is the first step for any business to achieve real growth.

The main goal of research and discovery is to identify and provide insight and alignment to develop a strong and sustainable competitive advantage. The next step is lead generation, where the firm works closely with clients to determine their ideal target customer and then develops a strategy to attract and retain loyal customers.

Once the target customer is identified and located, the next step is to optimise customer conversion rates. This is done using proven tactics to convert prospects into paying clients.

The F9 Marketing team is made up of digital marketing professionals able to leverage marketing assets through the F9 Marketing System, developed by using tried, tested and proven strategies and best practices from across different industries and continents proven to help business owners grow their business exponentially.

The firm focuses on improving and optimising three main areas of business growth: increasing the number of leads, increasing conversion rates and maximising the value per customer. To achieve growth in each of these three areas, the firm implements a range of done-for-you marketing services and business growth strategies.

These marketing services include branding, laser targeting, on-point USP, margin optimisation, lead generation, SEO & MAP listing, marketing systems, engagement strategies, direct marketing, endorsements, referrals, ad management, sales blueprinting, sales training, conversion optimisation, authority marketing, and expert book creation.

Founder Giorgio Silberberg comments: “We’re always looking for cost-effective ways to provide our chiropractic clients with a sustainable competitive edge to elevate and position them as the obvious local choice. We’re extremely pleased to announce that our authority marketing services for chiropractors now include authority press releases to help chiropractors achieve almost instant publicity whilst also improving their authority in the market place. Authority pr when done in the right way is a very powerful marketing and reputation management tool that was previously only reserved to those with very deep pockets. It’s our pleasure to be able to offer this valuable and extremely disruptive service to our select clients and actively promote one of the leading therapies within the alternative health industry.”

The main goal of the company is to help chiropractic clinics and health and wellness businesses across the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland, grow with confidence. Interested parties can find more information at the link above.