Internet Marketing Hacks for your Small Business

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( — February 26, 2020) —

Opening a small business is an exciting time in your life. It can also be stressful. You put your blood, sweat, and money into it with the highest of hopes. The plan is to make money doing what you love! To maximize your online presence, we’ve offered some hacks to expand your business.

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Have a Quality Website

How often do you search online for a business or product you’re looking for? Nothing gets potential clients to hit the back button faster than a website that looks outdated or difficult to use.

Your logo? The first thing they see. Make sure key information is immediately visible or straightforward to access.

Keep your website updated. There are sites available that help with custom website development. Consider that this is the first impression you make on your clients, and probably the most important. One example of a website that allows you to work on custom site development is brainboxlabs. Click here to visit site.

Facebook Advertising

When was the last time you were on Facebook? Surely you’ve been on quite recently. These types of ads make it easy to target your key demographic groups. When setting it up, you can input factors like gender, age, marital status, interests, and more. Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

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Just as most people are on Facebook, most are on Instagram as well. It’s easy to create a business profile that includes a link to your website. You can add photos, stream live videos, and interact with other users. It’s also possible to advertise on Instagram. You can even sell products through their new payment feature. Don’t forget to use hashtags!

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Google My Business

Have you ever wondered how Google knows to share local businesses when you use the search engine? The companies that show up have registered with Google Business. You can upload all sorts of information for potential customers. This includes phone numbers, photographs, reviews, and a specific location. You do need a physical location, but there are virtual tenant programs out there to help lend credibility to your business.

Use the Tools

For some, the internet can be a daunting place. However, it is well worth your while to utilize the tools available. Raising interest and awareness in your business has never been easier. Think of the tools businesses used in the past – flyers, cold-calling, word of mouth. Take advantage of a plethora of tools to increase traffic to your website. Just make sure it looks good.