Reasons Why You Need a Sharepoint Consultant for Startup or Business

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( — February 26, 2020) —  Microsoft’s Sharepoint is integrated with Office and offers an environment for sharing and storing documents. It is not the only functionality, as it is flexible software that combines many other features, including intranet and collaboration of all team members working on the documents. It is extremely useful for both small and big businesses, especially with installment and maintenance by professional Sharepoint consultant.

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Sharepoint Functionality and Features

It was first released in 2001 and has become widely used by many companies. The primary feature is document management with advanced safety and control measures. Yet, it has many other useful applications:

–     Maintenance and work on all the company’s digital content and documentation;

–     Intranet portal with internal communication and collaboration functions;

–    Groupware feature that allows better project management in terms of scheduling. It is integrated with Outlook;

–     Cloud hosting for personal and company’s files.

It is also open for additionally developed apps like sharepoint permission report and tools that solve particular issues of clients. It is highly customizable and requires great knowledge of the system to be integrated into the company’s work. It can be both a server-based and cloud solution.

Sharepoint Consultant Responsibilities

Sharepoint consultant knows the architecture of the system and helps a client to get the best of its features. It is a professional that helps to install, customize and maintain the environment. As it is a dynamic and complex solution, it requires great planning and analysis to customize it to the specifics of a business. Other responsibilities of professional include:

–       Architecture, design, and configuration of the environment;

–       Installment and maintenance of the software;

–       Updating the system and integrating new releases into it safely;  

–       Preparation of the documentation;

–       Responsibility for migration to new versions released;

–       Support of second and third level to the client and the team;

–       Solving specific needs and problems that might occur.

Sharepoint consultant is a full-time position that ensures that implementation and the use of the system will be done effectively and with the best use of its features.

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Required Knowledge and Certification for This Position

Professional Office 365 Sharepoint consultant should have extensive knowledge of the system and should have several years of experience with it. Microsoft also offers training and certifications for professionals:

–     Expert-level certification on Sharepoint 2016 (two separate exams 70-331 and 70-332);

–     Expert-level certification on Sharepoint applications (four separate exams 70-480, 70-486, 70-488, 70-489);

–       Sharepoint 2010 courses.

There are several courses for beginners and advanced professionals to cover all fields of usage of the software.

Overall, a professional consultant should have:

–     Deep knowledge of the system and all its capabilities to provide efficient experience to the clients;

–    Knowledge of many additional tools designed by other developers (third parties) to solve particular issues. It saves a lot of time and money as there is no need to start the coding from scratch if there is such a tool already developed by another company.

–  Knowledge of development, including some coding experience in it to work effectively with developers together.

There are also soft skills required, mainly in communication to understand the needs of a client and implement them into the system.

Rates and Salaries in Different Countries

Microsoft Sharepoint consultant salary depends on the place of residence. Big businesses usually choose to have a dedicated team in their office, yet for smaller companies, it might be a bit expensive. They often prefer to outsource professionals from other parts of the world.

According to Nigel Franks’ survey, Sharepoint consultant salary diverse as follows:

Junior level

The UK – 47,100 GBP

The USA – 92,000 USD

Germany – 49,500 EUR

France – 39,300 EUR


The UK – 62,000 GBP

The USA – 120,800 USD

Germany – 60,200 EUR

France – 47,800 EUR

Senior level

The UK – 78,100 GBP

The USA – 144,300 USD

Germany – 75,900 EUR

France – 55,400 EUR

The US has the biggest salary expectations and one of the reasons is that the majority of Sharepoint users are located here, so demand is higher.

Businesses that Use Sharepoint Consultant Services

As this software was originally developed for big businesses a lot of Fortune 500 companies use it, namely:

–       Nestle Nutrition Institute;

–       UPS Store;

–       Procter & Gamble;

–       Ingram Micro;

–       Exelon;

–       Molina Healthcare;

–       Emerson;

–       ADM;

–       Dell Financial Services, etc.

Mostly it is used in computer software and IT services industries. Other businesses that take advantage of Sharepoint are:

–       CitiBank;

–       Citrix;

–       Chrysler;

–       Viacom;

–       National Australia Bank.

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Reasons to Hire Sharepoint Consultant

Sharepoint consultant for small business or a big corporation is a great benefit in many ways. A specialist ensures that everything is designed in client’s best interest and works flawless. Here are the main reasons to hire such professionals.

1.    It is the best way to customize and deploy the system correctly.

2.   This software was designed for big corporations and using it for smaller businesses requires a lot of knowledge and specific architecture and design solutions.

3.    It is beneficial for maintenance and support of the system as it is constantly upgraded;

4.    Professional helps to integrate system and documentation.

5.   If the implementation is not done correctly it will result in many issues that will be more expensive to fix than to hire a professional from the start.

6.   Professional offers experience in the implementation and use of additional tools that are effective for the specific needs of a client.

7.    It helps to use the workflow most efficiently.

In Summary

Sharepoint is amazing software that allows collaboration, teamwork and digital content management. It is integrated with other Microsoft products and offers a customizable and flexible experience. Yet, it requires a lot of knowledge to implement and maintain on a daily basis. That’s why it is essential to hire a Sharepoint consultant with proper certification and level of expertise to get the best of this system. The specialist has the necessary knowledge of architecture and design of the environment and can provide advice on the best solutions to the client’s demands.