Choosing the Right Insulation for Your Property

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( — February 27, 2020) — There are many ways to save on your energy costs, but none are more effective than getting the right insulation. Most of your energy costs come from heating or cooling your home and ensuring you regulate temperature effectively can drastically reduce energy costs. This will go over how to choose the right insulation along with other tips to save on your energy costs.

Tips on Saving Energy

Insulation is the best way to reduce energy costs. Choosing insulation that best traps hot or cold air will drastically reduce your energy bill every month. That being said, there are other tips to help reduce your energy needs.

A smart thermostat is essential because you can shut off the hot or cold air when you’re not in the house. This means you only use power when you need it instead of heating or cooling an empty home.

Changing light bulbs to LED, halogen or fluorescent can reduce the associated energy needs by about 25 to 80 percent. Not only that, but these bulbs tend to last much longer than conventional light bulbs.

Smart power strips are also highly effective. It’s thought that about 75 percent of power used by electronics and appliances is when they are off. Even though the device is off, there is still power going to them. A smart power strip will cut the power when the appliance is not in use.

You should also consider energy efficient appliances. They cost a little more upfront, but they save money and pay for themselves in no time.

Saving Energy During Hot and Cold Seasons

Many of the tips above can help you save energy during the hot and cold seasons, especially the smart thermostat and insulation, but there are other ways to save on energy costs during these seasons.

Check the walls and windows for any cracks or leaks. This allows the hot or cold air in and forces your system to work harder. Seal these leaks with caulking. You’ll also want to check your heating and cooling system. Make sure the filter has been changed appropriately and that there are no obstructions.

Your windows can be great during these seasons. During the warm seasons, open up the blinds and let the sun heat your home. When it’s cold, close them tightly and prevent the heat from getting out. You should also get thicker windows as they help insulation your home.

Different Types of Insulation

There are many types of insulation materials. Fiberglass is one of the most common. It’s those pink rolls you see in most hardware stores. While it’s conventional and standard, it’s also one of the best for minimizing heat transfer. Mineral wool is also amazing at reducing heat transfer, but it’s not as fire resistant as other materials.

When it comes to less common but highly effective materials, there is cellulose and spray foam. Cellulose is the most eco-friendly insulation available. Not only is it great at minimizing heat loss, but it’s also the most fire-resistant insulation currently available. Spray foam is one of the more expensive materials, but it gets into all the cracks and provides the best overall insulation.

When it comes to spray foam insulation vs fiberglass, it’s a battle between costs now or later. Fiberglass is more affordable now, but spray foam will save you more money over its lifetime. Both are good, it’s simply a matter of which is best for you.

Benefits of Insulating Your Property

Reducing your energy costs is just one benefit of insulating your property. This allows your heating and cooling system to better regulate temperature in your home. You’ll feel more comfortable and you won’t have to wait until the temperature is exactly where you want it.

This is more environmentally friendly since you’ll be using less power and resources, and it will improve the longevity of your heating and cooling system. The harder the system has to work, the shorter its longevity. The right insulation has many benefits that will impact your home and bills.


Insulation is a necessity for any home and choosing the right one can vastly lower your bills and improve your comfort. Be sure to consider all the materials and choose the right one that works for your budget and situation.