Health Authorities Advise Proven Tricks to Reduce Heart Attack Risk

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( — March 9, 2020) Orlando, FL — Doctors have long been warning against heart disease and recommending some steps to reduce its onset. 

According to experts, there are risk factors that are highly preventable. Conditions like coronary heart disease have long been feared from as they could result in a heart attack. 

Research reveals that the major risk factors of heart disease can significantly increase the risk of blood vessel and heart disease. Further, there are also modifiable risk factors that can be prevented through lifestyle and dietary changes as well as the use of certain medications.

The contributing risk factors, on the other hand, are linked with the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The American Heart Association stresses the importance of focusing on heart disease prevention early in life.

To take better care of the heart, it is strongly recommended to quit or avoid smoking. It is similarly important to regularly engage in physical activities as it has multiple benefits against heart disease.

Multiple research studies have further shown that there are many foods found to be significantly useful in protecting and healing the heart. These are foods like, fruits, vegetables, and fish that many scientists strongly recommend.

In fighting heart disease, berberine has also been found to be helpful and this claim is backed by research studies. 

According to scientists, this widely-studied natural ingredient has shown promise in benefiting multiple aspects of cardiovascular health. These particularly include heart rate, enlarged hearts, arrhythmias, and especially atherosclerosis.

There are various mechanisms resveratrol has been found to offer benefits to heart health. It decreases plaque formation in the arteries, and it has been found to do so by decreasing foam cell formation.

Researchers also reveal it works in preventing plaque from breaking off. It has also been found to decrease blood vessel inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Another way berberine works is to protect the heart muscle cells from injury due to the return of blood flow after blood flow restriction such as after a stroke. It has been found to reduce the death rates in individuals suffering from congestive heart failure.

Experts say that this natural healing remedy is also beneficial for the endothelial cells, which are essential for cardiovascular health.

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