Georgetown TX Childrens Charity Playful Child Fundraising Event Date Announced

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( — March 2, 2020) — Georgetown, TX — Georgetown non-profit organization The Playful Child has announced the event date for its upcoming fundraiser, Songs in the Key of Kade. The event will take place on April 30th at the Berry Creek Country Club.

Children’s charity The Playful Child in Georgetown, Texas has launched a date for its next fundraising event, Songs in the Key of Kade. The event will take place on April 30th at the Berry Creek Country Club from 7:00PM to 10:00PM.

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The event will consist of musical performances by Bruce Robson & Kelly Willis, and Guy & Jeska Forsyth. It’s intended to raise money to help the organization with its plans to build the Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park in Georgetown.

The Playful Child charity was founded in honor of Kade Damian, a two-year-old boy who died trying to climb a wrought iron fence when his neck got stuck between two of the posts. His grieving mom Julie founded the charity with the main goal of building a park to honor Kade and heal hearts through play. The Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park will be a special place to honor all children who now live on in our hearts and memories while encouraging open-ended, free play for everyone.

The charity also offers educational programs to help foster creativity, imagination, problem solving, resilience and communication skills in children by promoting more outdoor and open-ended play and less screen time.

The main mission of the charity is to contribute to a world of healthier kids both physically and mentally. The organization uses outdoor play to promote discovery of the world through play, observation, experimentation and hands-on activity. Using art, music, theater, and dance, children will learn to express themselves and engage with their community in safe ways.

The upcoming fundraiser is a night to honor Kade through music, and raise money to support the organization’s efforts to provide education and a safe space in the community for children to play.

The Playful Child received their official non-profit status in December of 2018 and has the goal of completing the memorial park within 3 to 5 years. In July 2019 the Georgetown City Council approved 6 acres along the San Gabriel River Trail for the site of the park, and design began in December of 2019.

The organization needs to raise roughly 1 million dollars to complete the park. All proceeds raised at the event on April 30th will be used to build the Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park. Interested parties can buy tickets, sponsor or advertise at the event by clicking the link above.