Montreal Quebec Entrepreneur Life Coach Self Care Wellness Report Launched

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( — March 5, 2020) — Montreal, QBC — Lynda Hoffman, an entrepreneur coach based in Montreal, Qc, has launched a new report focusing on how to cultivate self-care and achieve greater ease and balance in one’s life.

Lynda Hoffman, a certified life coach based in Montreal, Quebec, announced the launch of a new report on how to practice self-care in one’s life.

The report has practical suggestions that are helpful for anyone undergoing a difficult time, as well as for those in highly demanding and socially conscious roles – from entrepreneurs, lawyers, physicians, caregivers and advocates to journalists and more.

More information on the importance of self-care can be found at Lynda’s report on the subject here:

The report states that self-care is necessary to help us reset and recharge so that we can still have something to offer. It describes self-care as deep, inner work that is empowering, validating, cleansing and affirming.

In the report, Lynda Hoffman outlines six ways to successfully deepen one’s self-care, which form the foundation of her work with people experiencing overwhelm and burnout.

The first is to create a worldview with you in it. This means recognizing that you are important and that your needs matter just as much as anyone else’s. You are to care for yourself as the precious resource you are. Without you, what would the world be missing?

The second is to practice seeing self-care as a strength. It is not easy to put yourself first, but it is essential to your wellbeing and everyone who interacts with you.

The third is to recognize that saying “no” to something is actually saying “yes” to something that matters to you. Choosing what is best for you is a value. It does not need defending or explaining.

The fourth is focus on slowing down and being deliberate in one’s actions.

The fifth step for practicing self-care is to see time as working for you, rather than against you. When you shift your perspective, and choose what you pay attention to you will be inviting nourishing experience rather than fighting what drains you.

The sixth step for deepening self-care is to cultivate mindfulness, and bring awareness to the present moment. Pay attention to what is happening around and in you, including what emotions you are feeling. By taking a deep breath and slowing down, you create a space in which you can see more clearly and choose wise actions.

All of the above steps are based on the fundamental understanding that, “What you believe is what you do”.

In her coaching practice, Lynda’s process incorporates the steps above to help people to reframe their worldview and core beliefs so that they can enjoy robust ease, wellness and success.

Her practice is specifically targeted to develop personal leadership skills for people at all levels of their career.

Through her work, Lynda guides her clients towards crystallizing their goals and achieving meaningful, long-lasting results for their overall health and well-being. She defines Life Coaching as, “A transformative partnership designed to create long-lasting change. Clients develop the skills, confidence and personal agency to take charge of their own lives.”

This adept life coach believes that coaching is an apprenticeship where a client learns to accurately spot obstacles. These obstacles work against success and the personal leadership and entrepreneur coach works to help her clients gain eye-opening insights. Once a client’s eyes are open they are free to overcome the obstacles.

Lynda Hoffman’s coaching also provides real-time feedback to help make course corrections along the way and to support when the going is difficult.

Some of the reasons a client may want to explore how to practice self-care include: the desire to make the most of life, become authentic and real, and experience greater success by understanding how to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Through the launch of her self-care report, Lynda encourages any entrepreneur interested in achieving greater levels of success to contact her and schedule a complimentary interview.

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