Online Shops for Tailors and DIY Hobbyists

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( — March 2, 2020) — For hobbyists and professional tailors, the ever expanding choices that become available via niche e-commerce sites like and other marketplaces make it easy to find the necessary supplies. 

One used to have to drive around to find a place to shop for specific colored fabrics, zippers, and other tailoring supplies. Today’s growing global environment allows you to get anything shipped regardless of your location to anywhere in the world. The improving logistics and e-commerce infrastructures allowed many hobbyists and tailors to utilize these resources to better turn their skillsets into creative production.

Zippers for custom needs are now in demand among more and more customers today. Well, you cannot blame them. Custom zippers allow flexibility in color choices and material for the optimum results for tailors along with the desired performance because they are especially made for the specific need you have in mind. 

Before you shop for custom zippers, make sure you are familiar with the following terms you need to know to determine your unique zipper requirements:

  • Chain – This is the continuous piece formed once the two halves of the zipper have been meshed together. 
  • Chain size – It is the chain’s specific gauge. 
  • Material – This is the type of chain used in the construction of custom zippers like molded plastic chain, nylon or coil chain, or metal chain. Depending on the durability and style you need, you probably will have to go for a specific type of material. 
  • Teeth – These are the individual elements making up the chain. 
  • Pull tab – This is the part of the slider you hold for moving the slider up or down. 
  • Style – It is the manner of assembling the zipper for a specific application. 
  • Tape width – It refers to the fabric’s width on just one side of the chain. Knowing the measurement can come in handy. 
  • Tape ends – This is the zipper’s fabric part extending beyond the teeth found at the bottom or top of the zipper chain. 
  • Top stop – These are the two devices that are affixed to the zipper’s bottom end to ensure that the slider doesn’t come off the zipper chain. 
  • Bottom stop – This is the device attached to the bottom part of the zipper that prevents any movement of the zipper’s half from separating. 
  • Bridge stop – This device is similar to the bottom stop that is used at the zipper’s top end to prevent both halves of the zipper from separating. 
  • Pin – This device is used on separating zippers with a function of allowing the joining of both halves of the zipper. 
  • Box – This is the device used on separating zippers with a function of correctly aligning the pin to start the joining of both halves of the zipper. 

With this information in mind, you can now shop for your desired custom zippers in your preferred length, material and color through Zipper Shipper’s website. If you have any specific questions about bulk orders, worldwide shipment options and anything else that my come to your mind, you can contact them easily through their website.