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( — March 2, 2020) Cardiff by the Sea, CA — The American healthcare sector continues to be one of the healthiest in the entire economy, and jobs in the field look to expand by almost 20% through 2026, or about quadruple the growth rate expected for all jobs.

For people with Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees, the outlook is even better: Nurse practitioner jobs are projected to expand by 36.1% through 2026, making the DNP degree among the most in-demand, and it’s not hard to see why.

The expanding U.S. population, growing access to healthcare, a rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation, coronavirus and other disease outbreaks — these all are big reasons why nurse practitioners are so crucial to the American medical system.

Recently launched is an online publication dedicated to topics in nursing practice, from careers and degrees to other topics of interest to professionals and students in the field, such as varying licensure requirements across the country and other public policy matters.

Recent articles published on DNP Program, which launched in January of 2020, include a breakdown of how nurse practitioners and physicians vary, a ranking of online degree programs and a toolkit for becoming a nurse practitioner. Another recent analysis indicated that even among rapidly expanding medical jobs, DNP roles will be among the most in-demand:

Employment growth, 2016-2026

  • Nurse Practitioners: +36.1%
  • Nurse Anesthetists: +26%
  • Nursing Instructors: +24%
  • Medical and Health Services Managers: +20.5%
  • Nurse Midwives: +20%
  • Registered Nurses: +14.8%

A Doctor of Nursing Practice degree represents the upper limit of formal training in nursing, and many people who complete this degree become nurse practitioners, which allows them to perform some of the same functions as physicians, though limitations differ depending on the state.

Not only are these jobs expected to surge in popularity over the next decade, they’re already pretty common, and online job board Indeed listed nearly 24,000 nurse practitioner jobs across the U.S. in late winter 2020.

DNP Program will also feature reviews and analysis of education programs in the field, ranking them along a variety of factors and in many different ways, including comparing online-only programs, tracks meant to be completed quickly and specific degree paths, such as MSN-to-DNP.

As the site grows, new content will be added regularly, including how-to guides for specific career options for people with DNP degrees, interviews with leaders in the nursing education space and in-depth studies on careers and salaries in the field.

To learn more or suggest topics for the writers and editors of DNP Program, click here.

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