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(Newswire.net — March 3, 2020) — A new Ezine called Aviation News has been launched. The purpose of this Ezine is to keep those interested in aviation up to date with the latest news in the world of aviation.

A dynamic new Aviation online magazine has been launched covering Aviation around the world. General and military aviation, Airlines, Aircraft in War both past and present, and FAA rules and regulations are all covered. Aviation News is designed to keep those in the aviation field up to date and current with the ever-changing world of avionics.

For more information see https://aviationnewz.com

Aviation News is the newly launched website that is geared to keep anyone interested in the world of flight abreast of the latest developments in the aeronautical world. Categories on this online aviation hub include all aspects of aviation.

Articles about government regulations, career opportunities and even Space News are included. News stories are continuously updated with archives of older pieces being instantly available to subscribers.

The first edition of this informative Ezine has Aviation stories including Further Aviation Workforce Effort Industry Joins Forces, National Center for the Advancement of Aviation Legislation Introduced in Congress By AOPA, Crazy Flying Moments, I’m A Chemtrail Cowboy, Flight Operations Halted After Floatplane is Stolen, U.S.A.F. retiring 17 B-1B Lancer bombers during 2021, A Training Tip -Pitching a cross-country Flight, Watch as NASA films a UFO Tracking the ISS for 20 minutes, NASA Abruptly Cuts Live Feed from ISS After This Appears Over the U.S., The VM-T Atlant Is a Badass Plane, Where Airplanes go when they retire or are placed in storage until a buyer is found or parts are needed, It is Elegant, Deadly or Both, Watch the TU-160 White Swan Bomber, Testing has Started on USAF’s Newest Chopper, and much more.

This online news outlet of aviation information even includes articles that cover fun topics such as a piece entitled, “Starting with the Worst we Rank 14 Top Gun Movie call signs”. They relate the 1986 movie Top Gun and the aviation terminology it left in society. The lexicon includes phrases like “the need for speed, Cover me, Goose, Be my wing man anytime, and take me to bed or lose me forever.”

Upon subscription to Aviation News, readers may submit stories that may be included in the next edition of this informative online aviation magazine. The launch of this Aviation website provides a central location where anyone interested in flight can stay informed.

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