Illinois Medical Marijuana Chronic Pain Management Video Testimonials Launched

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( — March 5, 2020) — Chicago, IL — A new guide has been launched showing the benefits of medical marijuana, with video testimonials. It covers how many people are seeing dramatic reductions in chronic pain since legalization in Illinois.

A new guide has been launched by The Medical Cannabis Community, showing the benefits it offers for people’s health. Since the legalization of cannabis in Illinois, more people have been experiencing the benefits it has on health and pain management.

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The newly launched guide covers how medical marijuana can be used to combat chronic pain. It also includes video testimonials to show the benefits in action.

The guide explains that aches and pains are something that everyone has to deal with. However chronic pain is something that can last weeks or years depending on the situation.

For those dealing with chronic pain, ordinary tasks can become almost impossible. Now people are discovering a range of chronic pain treatments through the use of medical marijuana.

Research shows that 70% of people reported some form of pain relief while using marijuana. Around 50% reported a reduction in their chronic pain.

The guide covers the unique lived experiences of 54-year-old Phyllis and Teresa, who both had different battles with chronic pain.

Phyllis loves to be outside and is an avid walker, and is able to keep that going through the use of marijuana. Teresa was in constant agony, but has seen a range of benefits from her marijuana use.

The team states: “As Illinois made its transition into legalization, our community inspired video has been helping people become aware of the benefits cannabis can offer to alleviate various symptoms and help improve people’s quality of life. The stories are creating an impact where people are beginning to feel more comfortable about the idea of cannabis.”

Videos are available through the guide for more information.