‘No Time to Die’ Premiere Postponed Because of Corona Virus

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(Newswire.net — March 7, 2020) — The premiere of the new James Bond movie has been delayed by seven months due to the spread of the corona virus.

The producers have said they have moved the release date of the movie “It’s Not Time to Die” from April to November. They said that the decision was made after “a careful assessment of the global cinema market,” BBC reports.

“The situation by late March and early April will not be conducive to the box office,” producers said in a letter.

The announcement came two days after the founders of the two fan sites called on the movie studio to postpone the premiere, propelling rumors that fans concerned about the corona virus influenced the delay of a long anticipated movie.
Instead of March, the movie will hit the UK theaters on November 12 and the US on November 25.

The World Premiere was scheduled to take place on March 31 at Royal Albert Hall in London.

“Just one person, who may not even show symptoms, could infect the rest of the audience,” wrote the founders of MI6 Confidential magazine and The James Bond Dossier, in an open letter on Monday.

“This is not the type of publicity that anyone wants.”

The previous 2015 James Bond movie – Specter, earned nearly $ 900 million.

Some movie analysts predict that the corona virus could do $ 5 billion in damage to the box office, as many cinemas in China are closed.

“It’s just a movie. The health of fans around the world and their families is more important,” a fan wrote.

concern over the viability of the 10-day South by Southwest (SXSW) festival that usually attracts more than 70,000 attendees to Austin, Texas.

Deadline reported that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has cancelled his plans to appear, due to a company-wide curb on travel prompted by the virus.