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( — March 8, 2020) — A new scientific report has been released about Intuition and the inner wisdom it provides. It is written by best selling author Dr. Manon Bollinger ND.

Dr. Manon Bollinger ND has released a report with new scientific information about Inner Wisdom and Intuition. She has found that intuition is not a hidden mystical force but inner wisdom that can be relied on for counsel and direction.

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This release discusses the internal compass many call intuition. Although it’s often confused with fear, anxiety, and insecurity, this research shows that intuition is about discerning what a body is feeling.

Dr. Manon Bollinger ND shares that most people go through life being influenced with other people’s ideas, beliefs, and opinions. This leads them to constantly seek signs telling them they’re on the right path. Yet the more roads they take, the more lost they become. They reach a point where everyone is just following the crowd, each one not knowing where they’re headed.

This release reveals that intuition is an internal compass that always leads someone to their own personal truth. It says that everyone knows this at a deep level.

It states that intuition is that deep inner wisdom all human beings have and although it can’t be explained on a logical level intuition provides the answers and clarity that everyone seeks. In addition to understanding one’s self, the release states that intuition is the key to understanding others.

Dr. Manon Bollinger states in the release, “Contrary to popular belief, our intuition is not some hidden mystical force. It’s a feeling rooted in our bodies. Though it’s often confused with fear, anxiety, and insecurity, intuition always points us in the right direction. The real question, therefore, isn’t about whether or not we can trust our intuition. Rather, it’s about discerning what our body is feeling.”

Much of the information in this release can be found in Dr. Manon Bollinger’s best-selling book, ‘What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask – The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationships.’

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