How The Divorce Process Works in 2020

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( — March 8, 2020) —

While nobody enters into a marriage thinking that divorce is going to happen, not every marriage is going to work out. If the time has come for a couple to split up, there are a few steps that need to happen before a divorce is finalized. Knowing how divorce works in 2020 will help every be prepared for the process ahead. Every divorce is different. Some are amicable while others can be quite contentious. It is important for everyone to be patient as the process unfolds.

The first step is to file a petition. This petition simply states that one of the members of the marriage would like to file for divorce. The petition should state any reason or grounds for which the marriage should be ended. Every state handles the divorce process differently so some states might ask for different information than others. Any information that is required by the state should also be included in the divorce petition. Some of the common grounds for divorce include adultery and neglect. Sometimes, someone may want to file a no-fault divorce.

Once one of the spouses has been served, the next step is to wait for a response. This is simply a reply to the divorce petition. There is a set amount of time for the response to take place. If the response doesn’t happen by this time, then a default judgment is issued. This can be complicated. Sometimes, the spouse may want to dispute the grounds of the divorce. In this case, it might be headed to a trial; however, in many cases, it ends in a settlement.

During the settlement process, a lot is going to happen. It is a good idea to hire professionals, such as an Alabama private investigatorto help with the discovery process that is going to take place during any divorce. Professionals know how to handle the discovery process to make sure that no assets are concealed. It is important to conduct thorough asset searches during the process to make sure that everything is on the table. Every asset needs to be labeled either as joint or as separate. This is particularly important in cases that involve children. Child custody issues and child support factors can make this process even more involved. All of this is going to play a role in any mediation process that might be needed to resolve any lingering issues.

After the settlement process has been completed, the last step is to finalize the judgment. This is when the judge finally signs the piece of paper that completes the order of dissolution. Then, both parties will be able to move on with their lives and begin their futures.