Merchant Vendor Credit Card Processing Fee Reduction Service Launched

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( — March 24, 2020) — A new credit card fee reduction and management service has been launched by Payment Card Advisory Group. They help sellers to prevent overcharges from occurring and save up to 66% on fees.

A new credit card fee service for merchants has been launched by Payment Card Advisory Group, helping sellers to save money in unnecessary fees. They work with clients to ensure they better understand the merchant payment processing fees, and don’t get cheated by credit card companies.

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The team at Payment Card Advisory Group explains that around 96% of merchants are unknowingly being overcharged on the fees they pay to accept a credit or debit card. Before merchants can cut their costs to process credit and debit cards, it’s important to know what they’re up against.

Most banks and processors follow an old, tiresome method when it comes to processing merchant fees. This sees merchants pay three basic fees every time they accept a credit card payment. The first fee is the Visa and MasterCard assessment fee. This goes to the credit card companies.

Meanwhile, there is also the interchange fees to worry about. These go to the card issuing bank, but merchants must deal with over 700 interchange categories. This makes it more likely that their transactions will fall into a more expensive bucket.

In addition to this, there is the processor markup, which goes to the company doing the processing. There are no industry standards here, and fees are parsed out by a computer. Layers of fees can build up on top of these, with level 2, level 3, EIRF, FANF, international cross border fees and more.

This can make it hard for merchants to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape. It’s also confusing, and difficult to know how to reduce fees.

Anyone wanting help with reducing their fees and preventing overcharges from occurring can get in touch with Payment Card Advisory Group. The expert team can help clients to get the lowest total cost on all their fees, and redirect the savings to more important company objectives.

Clients can see a 66% cost reduction, and benefit from expert industry knowledge and advice.

The team states: “There is no cost to our clients for our unbiased analysis. The money we save our clients goes right to their bottom line where it belongs.”

Full details of the new service can be found on the URL above.