Which Nursing Program Is Better? BSN or MSN?

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(Newswire.net — March 10, 2020) — In the healthcare industry, nursing is considered a very reputable profession. In literal terms, nurses are the real caretakers of the sick and elderly patients, which can be a hectic job at times. Many people aspire to become qualified nurses and pursue this as a full-time profession in the long-run. However, they need a degree to make this happen and learn everything they can about nursing. 

Numerous nurses-to-be out there need professional guidance about the type of nursing degree they should go for. Yes, there are different nursing degrees, two of which are the most prominent, BSN and MSN. Both of these nursing degrees have different statuses in the nursing sector, as BSN is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and MSN is a Master of Science in Nursing. 

To become a successful nurse in the healthcare industry, it is important to have the right qualification. It means having enough knowledge and a full grasp of the nursing courses and how to implement them in real life. Nurses who stay committed to their profession and get the degree of BSN or MSN tend to live a prosperous professional life. They have the right skillset and know-how to push themselves to the limit.

The nursing career can be a risky one with various ups and downs along the way. In order to be happy, nurses will have to make some smart choices, like the decision of choosing a nursing degree. Only through the help of a calculated decision, nurses can succeed, and this is exactly what we want as well. BSN to MSN online programs are widely available to take advantage of. Oftentimes, nurses opt for either one of the degrees according to their personal preferences. While doing so, some of them are left confused as they cannot figure out which nursing program is better, BSN, or MSN.  

Let’s keep on reading to pinpoint which nursing degree is better, and the path nurses should be choosing. But first, have a look at the definition of these degrees.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN):

To get registered as a professional nurse, it is essential to graduate with a BSN degree. It is basically a gateway for nurses where they are trained for beginner-level practices in health care settings, clinics, and hospitals. With the help of this degree, nurses get the needed exposure to performing their duties in a responsible manner. There are many registered nurses who did not go for a BSN, but the ones who did are happier. They got better job opportunities with amazing salary packages, something other nurses could never get. 

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN):

Unlike the BSN, an MSN is an advanced professional nursing degree where all the necessary skills are provided to the students. There is advanced training for nurses with specialized courses and roles, known as nursing administration or nurse practitioner. The master’s degree has a much higher status in the nursing industry, where the nurses have in-depth knowledge about their profession. This degree is an exclusive one with better job opportunities in the market than the BSN degree. Nurses who want to enroll in this program will need to acquire a BSN degree first.

Why Are These Degrees Important?

Just like any other profession, nurses need higher education to advance in their careers. Without a BSN or MSN degree, it becomes difficult for nurses to set up their career or even ask for higher pay. These professional degrees work as a backup to find the perfect nursing within their premises. Nowadays, hospitals prefer nurses with a minimum bachelor’s degree in hand. Such places need a reliable and more educated workforce, motivating nurses to get qualified either with a BSN or an MSN degree. 

This only means one thing that the qualified nurses will be benefitting more than other nurses who did not go for BSN or MSN. 

Which degree is better, BSN, or MSN?

There are several differences in both degrees, which are pretty similar to the ones between a typical bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Just like in any other field, a master’s degree is considered of higher value than a bachelor’s degree because of the advancement in courses. Only after getting a bachelor’s degree, students can be eligible for a master’s degree.

Through a BSN program, nurses acquire specialized knowledge about different nursing fields where they get trained as well. An MSN degree, on the other hand, emphasizes more on a specific nursing field where nurses get to improve their skills in a professional way. Some of these skills are related to administration, leadership, and teaching. 

Now comes the real question of finding out which nursing program is better. Well, both of the programs have their own advantages, motivating nurses to proceed ahead with them. Typically, the MSN degree is preferred more by passionate nurses who want to keep on learning. This degree is also important because of its market value, encouraging more and more nurses to go for it. Nurses who want to master the nursing field will never hesitate to choose a master’s degree after doing their bachelor’s. They know it is the best decision of their profession where they will have exclusive access to advanced courses. After graduating as a bachelor in nursing, you can always take a break from studies and later start MSN. There is little to no risk involved in doing either one of them. However, nurses need to think wisely, and instead of discontinuing studies after BSN, they should go for MSN.


MSN is the current market’s requirement, and nurses with an MSN degree are paid more than the ones who have only done bachelors. Both degrees provide nurses with financial stability and help them in career development as well. A wise decision would be to do your Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take a break from studies. Meanwhile, you can continue your job and earn nursing experience in return. Later, if you find a better job opportunity, then start your master’s and make the most out of it for a thriving nursing career.