How to Choose the Perfect Purse for Prom: Your Ultimate Guide

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( — March 11, 2020) — Prom is coming up — it will be here before you know it. 

You’re definitely already thinking about your dress and your shoes, and how you’re going to do your hair and makeup, but have you left something out?

Have you considered your purse?

Most prom dresses are woefully without pockets. You’re going to want to keep some important things on hand that your male friends won’t tolerate in their spacious pants pockets while they’re trying to be on the dance floor.

You must resort to purses and you need to pick a good one. 

Here are some tips for how to choose a purse for prom that will get you and your belongings through the night without pockets.

Go for Something Small

If you intend on keeping the purse on you at all times (or even if you’re leaving it at your table), you don’t want to be dragging around anything big or heavy.

You’re not going to sleepaway camp; you’re putting some makeup and a phone in a bag for safekeeping because the fashion industry hasn’t caught up with pockets in dresses yet.

You need to have enough space for all of your essentials, and that’s about it. While a bag is an accessory, it’s largely functional. By being too large, it’s no longer serving its function as a part of an evening look. A clutch for prom is a great choice for just this reason, ideally with a chain that matches your jewelry.

Match Your Style

Again, a purse is an accessory. Just like your dress, this is a part of your overall look. It doesn’t have to be quite as showy, but it should have some character (or at least match what you have going on for your outfit). 

Similarly, getting something that stands out to you and matches you will make it easier to identify when you’re on the dancefloor and it’s sitting alone amidst the other tossed-aside accessories on the tables or floor.

This makes it easier for you to grab for a quick makeup touch-up or text, and easier to keep an eye on to avoid any thieves in the crowd.

Consider Getting Something Timeless

Prom is expensive. The average prom cost is nearly one thousand dollars.

You’re most likely never going to wear that dress again aside from perhaps in your mirror during the odd solo fashion show in your college dorm.

The hair and makeup are washed away by the end of the night, and you have only your photos to remind you.

Consider using this as an opportunity to get a “grown-up bag”, maybe your first one. There are a lot of timeless bags out there, like these women’s bags by Saint Laurent, that will carry you through college (or whatever is coming next) looking stylish. 

Did You Get Any Ideas on How to Choose a Purse for Prom?

Keep it pretty simple — you don’t want to outshine your dress, but you’re going to need somewhere to put your things while you’re dancing and partying the night away.

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