Really New Knee Treatment Paradigm for Knee Pain

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( — March 11, 2020) Darien, Connecticut — Surely you know that there are many different options like pain creams, NSAIDs, cortisone injections, gel type of knee injections to treat osteoarthritis of the knee? The problem is the pain is never completely resolved often leading to more injections and more pain. Not to mention the damage to your liver from taking too much Advil or Tylenol. If you are considering the ultimate treatment being knee replacement surgery, I would like to put forth an option to all of the commonly used allopathic knee treatments called the Knee on Trac Solution.

What is the Knee on Trac Solution? It is a new treatment paradigm that allows for pain reduction, cellular growth of cartilage, and increased production of synovial fluid. It sounds like a miracle, when it works it is a life-altering event for people who learned to live with chronic knee pain. Let’s hope you are not one of those people but if you are I encourage you to read on.

The knee joint is painful to millions of Americans. Obesity, sports injuries, sedentary lifestyles, and the fact we are living longer all contribute to knee pain otherwise known as osteoarthritis of the knee. The typical response is to pop a few NSAIDs to dull the pain. Fortunately, in the beginning, stages of osteoarthritis this is enough to quell the pain. Once the pain is gone we must be all better? Right? Actually this depends on what was causing he pain. maybe you just overworked your knee on the squash court. In this case, Advil or Tylenol with a little bit of rest should eliminate the pain. Now if you have to take a lot of Aleve before and after you engage in a physical activity then its probably not the right treatment.

Don’t get me wrong if it is enough to get by in a pinch, by all means, take an NSAID. When you rely on Tylenol you are probably damaging the meniscus. The meniscus is the cushion separating the upper thigh and your lower leg. The meniscus are two pads of fibrocartilaginous tissue which serve to disperse friction in the knee joint between the lower leg (tibia) and the thigh (femur). If you are too heavy these tend to wear out faster resulting in bone on bone. Yet another fancy term for arthritis of the knee. How do we fix that? You might want to lose weight. You should also think about doing some less stressful exercises like cycling or elliptical training. Not only will you lose weight you will disperse the synovial fluid to soothe the meniscus.

Before you turn to knee injections of rooster cartilage think about a viable alternative called the Knee on Trac Solution. The treatment consists of 3 parts. The knee traction part allows the cartilage to be stimulated to produce more lubricating synovial fluid. The second part allows for serious pain reduction by offering increased frequency of electrical stimulation without raising the intensity of the treatment. So you are able to benefit from a higher dose of healing electroceutical wavelengths without the discomfort. The treatment effects are cumulative and will offer a significant reduction in pain and allow for far less use of medications. Studies show continued benefits even after 1 year.

Where do you find this treatment? Well if you live in CT, you can call 203-656-3636 and request a trial visit. You might be losing the one good excuse for not exercising-knee pain.

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