Achieve the Most Avant-Garde Designs Using Colored Stainless Steel

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( — March 21, 2020) — Using innovatives designs on everything we create is now more important than it ever was. A vanguard design says more about a place than anything else you could feature. An easy way to achieve a modern look in our interior or architectural design is by using colored stainless steel. The best colored stainless steel is produced by the company Steel Color SpA, and by using it you will be able to easily achieve that modern look in all your decoration projects.

A company leader in the colored stainless steel sector

Founded in 1979, Steel Color SpA is an italian based company that specializes in the production of colored, embossed, mirror finished and textured stainless steel. Its more than 40 year of experience in the steel production has make this company leaders of  the sector. But what makes Steel Color SpA such a trustworthy company is its compromise with quality. They carefully select the raw materials and carefully add the aesthetic component in order to create the most innovative products. In addition to that, Steel Color SpA counts with numerous certificates that guarantee the quality of their products, the sustainability and environmental properties of their elaboration process, the correct regulation towards the safety of their employees, etc.

On top of that, Steel Color SpA has one of the best customer services out there. They offer a very complete catalogue of products and a full after sale customer support, regardless of the amount of your purchase.

Colored stainless steel: a peak into the future

During the last decade, stainless steel has become vital on many aspects of our lives. It is used in different buildings, kitchen equipment, etc. However, stainless steel aesthetic value is rather dull and plain. Thankfully, companies like Steel Color SpA offer a nice alternative to this problem thanks to their colored stainless steel. Colored stainless steel has the same durability and strength than regular stainless steel, but thanks to their colour, they give every design an original twist. Steel Color SpA produces a wide variety of colored stainless steel sheets that would be able to fit on any professional design. Their colored stainless steel is created by using two different methods: a PVD derived process or a electro coloration process.

  • PVD derived process: vapor is applied to the surface of the steel, creating all sorts of different coatings on top of it, such as carbides or oxides. These coats can be used to create bright distinctive colours that are very resistant. The colours can be applied in both, traditional or patterned ways.
  • Electro coloration process: the colour on this stainless steel is created by using the natural interference created by the reflection and refraction of the light rights on the metal. This allows the company to create stainless steel without the need of adding additional coats, which makes the final product more resistant to corrosion. 

Colored stainless steel has found its way into a lot of different sectors looking to innovate and it can already be seen  in architecture, exhibitions, interior design, components, elevators of luxury hotels, etc. A notorious example can be found at Museum at Prairiefire, in Kansas. This museum uses colored stainless steel on its outside walls in order to achieve a futuristic look that attracts visitors from all around the world. But the applications of colored stainless steel go far beyond big exhibitions or hotels. You can use colored stainless steel also at home, by combining different colours and patterns in your walls in order to create original designs that none of your neighbours will be able to match. 

All you need is to let your imagination fly and acquire the colored stainless steel by Steel Color SpA to jump into the future of design.