All you need to know about Google Ads

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What is Google Ads?

Achieve results effectively through relevant keywords and search phrases.Google Ads is an effective tool for those who want quick results. With Google Ads, you pay up to the top rankings of the search engine. Webstr helps your business maximize your rankings by producing the most important and relevant keywords for your business. The results are quick and give a rapid increase in growth.

Every Google Ads adis unique in its own way Don’t you see, you don’t …

What is Google Ads? The trend in digital marketing has gone from advertising in newspapers to advertising online. One of the hottest topics in digital marketing is Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), which is the modern answer to newspaper ads. The difference between newspaper ads is that with Google Ad you can control who should see and find your ad, which generates results that fit your goals.

Google Ads is a marketing tool for advertising on Google. The basic idea of ​​Google ads is to make your business grow and be visible when users search for a product, service or whatever their needs might be.

The difference between Google Ads and Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the original name of Google’s marketing service. Their goal was to create a service that would simplify for people to find a company that offers what they are exactly looking for. Google Adwords has been around for about 20 years and it was relatively recently that Google chose to change its name from Google Adwords to Google Ads.

The market and demand look different today than it did 20 years ago, and that is one of the reasons Google has chosen to revitalize its service and adapt it to today’s needs. Today, the mobile is used for all that was previously used by only computers and with all the mobile services and apps it gives new opportunities for marketers to reach out.

Google Ads is one of Google’s broad-based services designed to simplify the lives of its users. With Google Ads, marketers can reach their customers on platforms like Google Maps, Google Play, to name a few of the opportunities Google offers in their marketing tools.

Google Ads focuses several of its services on helping small businesses. Google uses campaigns that promote the use of Google Ads and that offer small businesses a simple way to start their online marketing. The automation of Google’s advanced technology gives small businesses the results they need to take their business forward.

You can read more about the name change on Google’s blog here.

“Don’t think you don’t exist.”

Advertise on Google

Make Google the search engine for your business

More and more people have caught the eye of Google advertising and Google keywords and it has become one of the most effective ways to advertise on the internet. The most common questions are whether it is possible to advertise on Google for free or if it is more worthwhile to spend their budget on other marketing channels and need answers to, for example, how much does TV advertising cost?

Keyword advertising is a powerful tool to reach those you want to reach specifically. With a Google ad, you reach both computer and mobile users. With well-executed advertising, you are visible in your potential customers’ buying journey and your Google advertising can be the deciding factor in a customer conversion.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Don’t pay for more than you get

To increase the chances of a good result when advertising on Google, you need a budget. The budget is for when users click on your ads to, for example, visit your page or read more about your services and you only pay per click on your Google advertising – hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC). You set a daily budget for your ads and you never pay more than the budget limit you set that you want to pay per month.

With a well-worked and thoughtful advertising, it is an effective way to reach more people with your business. Pay per click is a smart tool to use when working on a budget.

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Where do you see & how does Google Ads work?

Google works with many different pages where your ads can appear

Google Ads is a way to advertise their business and various campaigns on Google’s search page above the organic search results, on various sites that Google partners with such as banners, Google Shopping or through videos on Youtube.

The goal of a successful Google Ads work is to show your ads only to relevant customers who are genuinely interested in your product / service.

If you are good at Google Ads then it is really profitable. Therefore, it is usually best to hire an agency that is expert in just Google Ads instead of trying it yourself.