Small but Slick: The Appeal of Compact Cars

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( — March 26, 2020) — If there’s one thing that denotes true progress, it’s when things start getting smaller. Just look at the computers we all now use at work or carry around in our pockets. 50 years ago, they would have been the size of a fridge! The same is true when it comes to our motors.

Today, there are hundreds of compact car models being produced by every major manufacturer and there is an undeniable appeal to the form factor and the convenience of something small, sleek and elegant. But why have smaller cars become so desirable in recent years?

Style – There is a definite elegance to a smaller vehicle that can be incredibly desirable to those looking for something with a subtle style and beauty. Smaller cars might not be renowned as the most attractive option (at least traditionally), but there are so many more options today that mean compact cars are not just for those who want something ‘cute’.

Convenience – If you’ve ever struggled to find a parking space in a busy town or city at a crowded weekend then you’ll fall in love with the freedom offered by a compact car. You’ll be able to fit in spaces that larger cars could never dream of claiming and they are generally easier to manoeuvre too as there is less ‘junk in the trunk’ (quite literally).

Practicality – As most compact cars have only 4 cylinders, they are generally more practical and require significantly less maintenance than larger motors. Indeed, fewer cylinders mean you’ll need to change the belt less often and your car should (in theory at least) last longer.

Expense – Not only are contact cars generally more affordable than their larger counterparts; they are also less expensive to drive as they provide better mileage. This also means they are more environmentally friendly, particularly if you go for a newer or electric/hybrid model. You’ll be able to lease a small car such as the Fiat 500 from ZenAuto for less than £150 a month and you get an awful lot of bang for your buck.

City Life – If you live in a hustling and bustling modern city then chances are you don’t own a car at all and are instead beholden to local metro or bus system. For these city-dwellers who might feel a little restricted by following somebody else’s timetable then a compact car can form the perfect stepping stone. These compact cars are ideally suited to city driving for obvious reasons. Not only that, but you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with driving and you’ll never have to get on a crowded subway train again. And how good would that feel?