Will My Back Pain Go Away?

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(Newswire.net — March 29, 2020) — The simplest answer is yes, your low back pain will go away. Now comes the what if’s. Low-grade back pain from a muscle strain will probably go away on its own after a few days of rest, heat, and Advil or Aleve. If there is an underlying reason more complicated then muscle pain the low back pain will probably come back again soon. What typically happens to people is that they feel that when they have no back pain they have no problem. This is erroneous thinking on their part.

The lower back is a mechanical marvel. So is your car for that matter. Do you expect your car to run well when it gets older? Do you take care of your car? Do you take better care of your car then you do for your body? The point I am trying to make is that your back is mechanical. Having said that it should be easy to understand that mechanical things break down. Even when you take good care of them.

Small traumas over a lifetime can add up to big problems as we age. What happens when you neglect your car? It will cost you in the long run. You fail to maintain your body and it costs you in the long run. The car and your spine are mechanical. The absence of pain does not mean you are healthy, it means that you are pain-free. Being free of back pain is a good thing. Ignoring the lower back pain by continuing to take NSAIDs just means you pay a higher price when your back really breaks down.

If you want to avoid a herniated disc then you would be well advised to seek out a chiropractor to address your lower back pain. Yes, I am biased because I am a chiropractor. You should also think about seeing a physical therapist for low back pain especially in the early stages. Chiropractic care is important to move the vertebra causing a pinched nerve. Physical therapy and good exercise can prevent the vertebra from going out of place. Regular exercise and stretching will go a long way to preventing a back problem

The reality is that most of us will have back pain. Most of the time it will go away on its own until it doesn’t. Then you have more work to do to get back on track. Everything mechanical can and will break down at some point, your lower back is no exception.