Trump Extends Coronavirus Guidelines Beyond Easter

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( — March 30, 2020) — Donald Trump has announced that he shall be extending federal coronavirus guidelines until at least the 30th of April. Trump had previously said that these guidelines might be relaxed as early as Easter. 

The guideline extension has been put in place after Trump stated that ‘The highest point of the death rate is likely to hit in two weeks.’ With coronavirus cases rising every day all over America, it is imperative that strict guidelines are placed to help stop the spread of the virus. Trump has said the decision to extend social distancing was made after he heard that ‘2.2 million people could have died if we didn’t go through with all of this’, adding that if the death toll could be restricted to less than 100,000 ‘we all together have done a very good job’

These strict guidelines mean that citizens all over America must avoid non-essential travel, going to work unless they are key workers, and eating at restaurants and bars. Gatherings are also limited to a maximum of ten people. 

The president has also stated that ‘rapid testing’ for Coronavirus has been approved, and these tests will be made available for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

Donald Trump has now signed into law the largest economic stimulus package in US history. The $2.2 trillion package is designed to rush federal assistance to workers and business.

How bad is the situation in the USA?

The situation in America is a pretty bleak one. The USA currently has over 140,000 cases of Coronavirus, making it the country with the highest number of cases in the world. Of those cases, almost 2,500 people have died from the virus. 

It is not entirely bad news, however. 4,500 people have recovered from the virus. 

New York is the worst hit part of the USA, as it has more than half of all the cases in the whole of America.