4 Top Features That You Must Look for While Finding the Right Authoring Tool

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(Newswire.net — March 30, 2020) — You may feel the need to purchase an eLearning authoring tool for a number of reasons.

Sometimes it can be for educating your new employees around your company’s rules and regulations, while on other days you may be buying one to train your customers around your latest launch.

And although your choice of authoring tool will be different for different cases, the criteria for selection is pretty much the same.

And in this post, we are talking about it. Here, you will read about four top features that you must look for while picking the right authoring tool for your company’s various processes.

1. Audio and Video Support

Regardless of the niche and the purpose that you are going to solve with this authoring tool, it must allow you to embed videos and audios whenever required while designing the course.

This feature is crucial because learning in 2020 is a lot about how easily you can deliver the training process and how comprehensive and accessible it is for the learners.

Audio and video support can make the learning process dramatically easier for your learning audience. While if you count this feature out, your program’s performance may have to suffer.

2. Easy Assessment

One of the most important parts of running a successful eLearning course is to be able to assess your learner’s knowledge of the course.

Think about it. What’s the point of creating a course if you are not able to assess your learners’ performance?

That’ll just mean creating a course and letting it survive or die without caring about whether it is helping any of your learners or not.

So, make sure you don’t make a mistake by buying an authoring tool that doesn’t support an easy assessment of your learners’ performance.

A good authoring tool will help you:

  • Create randomized questions
  • Produce a variety of question types
  • Mark all the important questions as mandatory
  • Shuffle answers
  • Track assessments

The best you can do to pick the right tool for your specific business function is to be aware of your needs and make a reliable eLearning authoring tools comparison. This will surely present you with your best options.

3. Easy to Navigate

If you’ve ever visited a website with an all-over-the-place kind of navigation menu, you would know the pain of going through it.

It’s true. Nobody likes such randomness. Some sort of fashion and definition is always essential, especially while designing a web property which’s performance largely depends on whether its users are able to interact with it.

So, keep this in mind. Save yourself from unnecessary fiascos and a spoilt reputation.

Buy an authoring tool that allows you to create a stunning course with an easy to go through navigation menu. It’s your responsibility to make sure that all your learners are easily able to comprehend the course flow and content.

4. Templates, Themes and Skins to Choose From

Another super useful feature to look for ⁠— a variety of templates, themes and skins to choose from.

The idea is to make your course as appealing and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

It’s about improvising the user interface, so your learners don’t have to come back to an old boring design every day.

So, make sure that the eLearning authoring tool that you are going to buy has a big database of templates, themes and skins that you can choose from.

Final words

If you are planning to buy a new eLearning authoring tool, there’s a number of things that you can consider so your time and money aren’t wasted.

In this post, we talked about four such features that you must look for while buying a new authoring tool.

Hopefully, this was helpful.