Oncologists Warn Against the Dangers of Anger Among Cancer Patients

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(Newswire.net — April 8, 2020) Orlando, FL — Cancer is undeniably one of the most terrifying diseases today. Aside from being highly prevalent, it is also incurable. 

According to oncologists, one of the first emotions cancer patients feel during diagnosis is anger. However, such an emotion is also common in individuals who struggle from relapses. 

Philip Bialer, MD, a psychiatrist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, says that anger is a common stage of coping with a crisis.

While it is generally thought that anger is a negative emotion, it ends up benefiting cancer patients. There are those who use their anger proactively by saying they need to fight back.  

Experts recommend recognizing and acknowledging anger first to use it in a beneficial way. There are counseling sessions they can turn to with a trained therapists who can help them deal with cancer-related anger. 

It is important to be warned that unchecked anger can isolate friends and family and can even cause disruptions at work. Such an emotion can also trigger patients to be self-destructive, and turn to alcohol or substance abuse. 

Cancer is prevalent and incurable, but it is worth realizing that in many studies this condition has also been found to be highly preventable. There are measures found helpful in warding off this disease, such as having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

New interesting studies recommend that some microminerals like magnesium may be helpful in warding off the risk of cancer.

According to experts, a deficiency in this mineral has been found to exacerbate chronic inflammatory stress. This has been found to play a significant role in the development of cancer. 

It is worth mentioning that in a study, middle-aged men with higher serum magnesium concentrations had a reduced risk of cancer death by 50 percent than those with low serum magnesium.

It is important to note that cancer is always best dealt with when prevented. Nourishing the body with magnesium may be a significantly helpful option in decreasing cancer risk. 

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